Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day #7: We had snow!!

Ok here we magically fixed itself after a good night sleep!!!!

Oh yes we did, when I was waking up my guy came back in the room since he was about to leave for work. Telling I might needed to get out the door a little earlier, since evrything was white! Well I did and I knew I had a long day at work...First work till 6PM, then had a work metting till 9PM... So what to do, this snow wasn't going to last all day!!! So after we ate fruit with the kids at daycare we dressed them warm and went outside for a bit....Day#7 I asked them to pose for me this way, since it's not legal for me to post their faces on my blog. So that's why they're turned away from me. I do love how this turned out though and I can say we had a blast in the snow! Oh yeah I was right about the 3PM it was all gone :( So I think this will be my only snow photo till at least November... Well you never know of course!

Well I really have to go to bed, cause I'm totally exhausted. I will be leaving lots of loving in the morning since it's my day off tomorrow! see ya then! Hugs!


NaiJoE said...

you work so hard. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Petra!
I love your snowy pic with this two little cuties - great photo editing! And then your layouts! Wow, sooo gorgeous - I´ll go and buy these templates NOW!
Thanks for enabling me!

JanMary said...

Great pics - snow rarely lasts long here either.

Love that kit, and your first week layout too.