Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 235 - 239: some kids & a rising star!!

So it's Thursday already... this week has flewn by for sure! Only one more day of work till weekend's here! :) Got some fun things planned, including a new photoshoot.

Sunday my guy and I went for a drive, he wanted to take me to this beautiful nature parc, but on the road in the car I wanted to switch my lens, when I found out I had forgotten my CF card for my camera!! Silly me, well that's what you get when not putting another one back after taking it out!!! I felt so stupid...anyway we decided to just go for a long drives along the dykes and just enjoy the pretty weather and sights. So we ended up not going to the parc... On one hand I was still so mad at myself at the other hand, we saw some gorgeous places we're going to go back to one day... places we never would've found if we just didn't went for this drive. On our way back, we illegally picked two corn on the cobs. At first I was a little scared, but we did it anyway...At least I had something to take a photo of, wich reminded me of our little #235

On Monday I had a little shoot with the kids from daycare... I'm making a DVD with photos of al the kids, for the parents. So I thought this would be fun... I brought my brown sheep rug with me and had them posed on the couch for me... Here's my colleagues little boy Ruben in all his cute-ness!day #236

Last week I had bought two new CD' of them is this one from a Dutch rising star Esmee Denters. This girl so rocks and she so deserves all of this. About two years ago, I first found her on and from that point on I've been following her and her career in singing . Her voice is truly amazing!!! She made these homevideos of herself singing some famous songs from that moment. She rocked them all!!! So anyway...I wasn't the only one who loved it, cause mister J.T as in Justin Timberlake found her too. Well she made it! The video of her singing 'what goes around' from mister J.T himself is truly amazing, listen and see for yourself (make sure to check the video till the end) I've listened to this specific one for over 50 times and still gives me goosebumps all over!!!

Back to bussiness, she signed a contract with J.T's Tennmann records and I can tell you, we're going to hear lots more from this girl for sure!!! So I had to buy her first ever CD of course!! Only cause I had to have the original one and of course to support her in whetever she does. Although she'll probably have no clue I was the one who bought one of her CD's! :)day #237

Yesterday I bought another WII motion plus for our Wii remote controlers... We got one with the 'sports resort' game, but if we want to play with the two of us, we needed another one. How smart is Nintendo... I mean we can't play the game with the old remote, without the motion plus thing. So I bought another we can really play against eachother! :)day #238

Today was my weekly day off...scrapped, browsed my fav. internet sites, did two laundry's, cleaned our bed sheets and got some grocery's.. On my way to the grocery store, right outside of our central hall.. the neighbour kids and some of their friends, were chalking the pavement. They looked so funny and cute with chalk all over their faces! LOL Here's our neighbour girl Dina, covered in #239

Well gotta go now...cause I've got a softball game in 20 minutes. Already dressed partially and packed my bag with clean clothes and towels. So will see ya soon! -x- 

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 231 - 234: what a weather...

Well this week we had some extreme weather things, especially on Thursday... The temperature went up to 35 degrees or higher and around diner time it all changed. For exactly 10 minutes, we had an incredible storm, with thunders and heavy rain. Well that's what you get when the sun heats up that high. Thursday it was the hottest day of the year so far... but this upcoming week they also predicted high temperatures... I'm just glad I didn't had to work on Thursday...LOL

Anyway let's kick off this post with Wednesday... after work I babysitted Max, Antoinette's boy for a few hours. he had a fever for a two days, but luckily it went down and mom and dad, went to this beach party. We first had diner all together and after they left, Max and I played in the backyard for a bit and then I'd put him in bath. The last time I babysitted them, I had this beautiful shot of Max and the water drops. Well this time he didn't want me to take his photo... LOL, and kept putting his hand in front of his face. I do have one I like, but going with another photo of the day. In the backyard they have this yummy I tried some...of this yumminess :)day #231

And the one photo of Max in the 231-235 073-2

On Thursday I had an appointment with the dentist... I sooo hate it and was really nervous the whole morning. But luckily my mom always comes with me...phew!  I can tel it was fine and nothing special...gladly! But the next time, he was to somehow renovate my teeth and put some sort of layers on it, to pretect my teeth from holes. Although not sure I want that though and I'm sure it's going to cost me a lot of money!!! We'll see about that. It was the first time I went to this guy, since our old one quit and well just not too sure about this guy! So maybe I'll go to the one my guy is going to... we'll see~

When I got to my parents house, my little cousin Robin was there...well little?? I'm sure he is almost as big as I am! LOL. And he also not little anymore cause he's starting high scool this year. But I'm sure he'll manage. Since it was a hot day, we had no clue what to do. Being too active with this kind of weather is not my thing...LOL. Then I remembered my dad had some of the big go-cards from my work. They were broken and were placed in the shed for like a year. Untill the after-school-daycare cleaned up the shed and I asked my dad if he could fix them. He fixed two already and they were in the van, untill someone of us was able to bring them back... So I aksed Robin if he wanted one and he said yes... There he is...this BIG guy, on his way growing up, riding a go-card :)day #232

On Friday, we went to this big wholesale store after we had diner. We bought some grocery's, a new trashbin, some shirts for my guy, dvd's, battery's and a new game for the WII. We haven't played on the WII for like 2 months or so...We saw this game on TV and it looked so much fun, we wanted to have it... was a little cheaper then in the stores, so we took it. We played it for a few times now and it's so much fun. It's called WII sports resort and has ten new sports games, such as: archory, sword fighting, frisbee, canoeing, basketball and a couple of others.. We love it!day #233

Yesterday we didn't do anything special... I worked on the wedding album, wich is almost done except for the last 6 pages. Got some grocery's, had diner and watched tv.

So I took a photo of my sweet necklace. On Monday my neighbour got home and she brought me this pretty new 'fatima' hand  (hamsa) for my necklace. I already had the little hand and necklace for two years. I got it from my SIL after she got back from Morocco. But only started wearing it 24/7 around June. It has become a lucky charm since then. I started wearing it before my guy went to Morocco and I went to Italy. It's probably all in my head, but I didn't wanted to take it off untill my guy got home save and sound. Right now I still don't feel like taking it off and I probably won't untill it feels good in some way! LOL. I asked my MIL to bring me another one in gold, since my engagement ring is gold also and not sure if I like the gold ring and silver necklace thing... we'll see! Anyway here it #234

There's a little prayer that goes for the Fatima hand (hamsa)

Let no sadness come through this gate,
Let no trouble come to these walls,
Let no conflict be in this place,
Let this home be filled with the blessing of joy and peace.

Haven't got a photo for today yet, since it's only 11.27 and I'm sure we're going to do something fun today, cause the weather looks great! Enjoy your Sunday everyone! -xxx-

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 226 - 230: weekend already over!

Yeah I know, I said I would be back this weekend, but have been too busy working on the wedding album for the couple who married in June and I really want to get this album done before the end of the month! And when I wanted some time off the album, I went of the pc too and just didn't feel like blogging!

But I'm here and from now on...I'm not going to tell you when I will be back! Sorry dad, but I sometimes just can't keep up! :) But I will keep posting in the end and I will keep up this fab project till at least January 1st 2010!!! For sure!

So let's start with my pics. On Friday the first episode of 'popstars' started. Kind of like Idols..but then they wanna start a pop-group or could be a solo artist too, depeneding on the outcome and talent they find. The jury consists of three people, two of wich are kind of formiliar over here and I always love the funny, weird looks on their faces sometimes... kinf of like that simon Cowell dude! Anyway, I always love to watch the first couple of shows we're you see the audition rounds... too funny! :)day #226

On Saturday I had some cleaning vibes...well not really cleaning, more little clearing things up. Like this drawer in our livingroom table...where we keep the tv-magazine, battery's and things like that. We throw all kinds of small weird things in there, of wich we don't know the right place to put them they all end up in this drawer! It was a mess and couldn't find anything I was looking for the past couple of weeks, so now it's all sorted! :)day #227

Sunday my guy and I went for a drive after I was done for the day with the wedding album. We ended up walking through this beautiful parc with all sorts of pretty wildflowers... It was so nice, except for the flies that kept following us around. At one point they drove me nuts! LOL The most pretty flower (not sure if it even is a flower) was this #228

I took 100 more photos, but there are just a few more I would like to show you...First of my sweetie, posing for me! And let me tell you, he doesn't do that often :)day 226-228 050-2day 226-228 058-2day 226-228 037-2day 226-228 023-2

Then yesterday we had our first softball game after the summer break. We didn't expected a whole lot of it, since we had this game against the team who's on the 2nd position. Well we were wrong and we WON!!! We were all so excited and delighted...and also really proud at ourselves. Seemed that if the other team won this match and another one, they could've become the champions this sorry, but we messed it up for them! Poor girls. But for us it was a real victory, thinking our team promoted this year after becoming the champions last year...well we never thought we could've come this far, since the level this poule plays at is a little higher then last years' poule! So we were all so proud last night! here are a few of the girls, warming up and #229

Last night when I got home, my guy went to pick up his suitcage wich he left in Morocco thsi summer. His brother came home last night from Morocco and had brought this suitcage for him. But... his mom filled it up with some things and had put a little lock on...from wich we didn't have a key! I so wanted this thing to open, cause maybe...well just maybe my SIL had putten my new custom made moroccan dress in there. So I had to get it open somehow...well My guy did it!!! Witha  littlr key from another suitcage, it worked! After searching through the suitcage, I saw a formiliar looking fabric...MY DRESS!!!! It's here!!!!  Really I'm so happy and I love how it turned out!!!

So today, I had to try it on of course...wanna see?? Hold on. before my guy left for Morocco I had been to the fabric market and picked out some pretty fabrics. I measured my sizes they needed and emailed it to my SIL. She took the fabrics to this dress maker in Morocco and they made me this beautiful dress>>>>day #230

They made it the right size and added these fabric-cloth things as you can see in the middle (the red/beige stripe thingy's). It's a double dress and has three pieces. The under dress, the see through over dress and the belt. I really love it and of course I had to try it on today and show you as promissed... I'm so happy with it. Now when we have a wedding or baby party, I don't have to borrow one and can wear my own one!! :) Woohoo

So there it is...updated till today! Will be back....uhm no, not making that mistake again! LOL, You'll see my new photos when...they're here! :)

Have a great week, I'm going to... Uhm, have no clue what to do today. I think I'm just going to scrap for a bit and try to do a few more pages for the wedding album! See ya! -x-

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day #220 - 225: b-day, friesland & more...

So Saturday my lil' brother melvin and his GF Kiki celebrated their birtdays...they always celebrate it together. Kiki's B-day is July 1st and Melvin's is August 9th. Of course my photo for the day was about them, so here they #220

Sunday morning we drove to Friesland, to stay with my cousin and his family for a few days. They had rented a little chalet there and asked us to come over... and so we did! The weather was beautiful, except for Monday afternoon and it rained for a bit. I'll show you a few more photos, other then my photos for the day...

So when we got there, we had some pie and then we walked around for a bit & we had a drink somewhere close to the sea. Next to the restaurant there was this cute set-up of wooden barrels and some other things. I asked Sidney, my cousins daughter to pose for me :)day #221

At night we had diner next to the fisherman's harbor, were all the botes from the fishermen were laying...  day #221-2

On Monday, we slept in for a bit and had a nice breakfast. When everyone was done showering and all we went to 'Pieterburen - seal rehabilitation and research centre' set-up by Lenie 't Hart.

Every year around two hundred baby seals (who lost their moms), sick/injured seals & animals wich have got caught up in fishermen nets and such... they are brought to the SRRC in Pieterburen via the seal-first-aid posts. Here, the animals are treated for their ailments and are cared for until they are well enough to be released back to sea. I think this centre does wonderful work and all costs for feeding the animals and giving them the help they need, comes from donations from people and of course ffrom the entrance money they ask.

The centre isn't that big and since most of the seals are sick, you can't see them up-close...other then from behind fences, there's one bath they stay at with big windows and that's where I took this #222

The next photo is from the pile of fishermen nets they have collected from seals who got caught in these... isn't that just awful!!

day #222-2

After visiting the centre we went to play miniture golf and had a drink. When we walked back to the car we saw this beautiful garden and an old man was working in it. His garden was open for puplic and told us we could come and check it we did. It had the most beautiful flowers and butterflies & bees flying all over the place. Here are two photos I took there...Look at this busy bee collecting nectar from the flowers, all covered with the flower #222-3day #222-4 

On the way home we stopped by the sea, since it was low tide and found some pretty things there... Like sea stars, mossels, carbs & more sea life animals... It was fun, untill it started to rain...LOL

This little sea star was still alive and after we took a photo, we had placed it back in the #222-5day #222-7  day #222-6

Tuesday, Day #223... around 2 PM we went to see this 'Bird of prey' show, with was so cool. They had the most awsome birds; 4 types of owls, goshawks, sea eagles and lots more and some were really big... here are few of my fav. birds and #223-1

But the most impressive one, must be this huge sea eagle... He was making so much noise at this moment and I took the shot, right when he spread his wings, see how big it is?day #223

Then one more shot I like... First up, the kids were all sitting on the ground in the middle of the field  and this big owl flew right over them... I love how this turned out :)day #223-2

After the show we went to a friend of my cousin, who came to the harbour in their boat. The guy took us for a "ride" on the boat and showed us some pretty spots on 'Lauwersmeer'. It was just beautiful... when we got back, I had to take a pic of the little house we stayed in, here it is...  day #223-3

I took 434 photos in a few days, so I've got lots more... but will leave it with this, before it's running out of hand! LOL

Then yesterday, this bee bug... was laying on the kitchen floor. It had died, prob. because of the heat... poor thing, uhm.... NOT! I hate bees and other flying bugs, I'd rather hold a spider or something like that! hehe. Anyways I do like the texture and profile of this fellow's wings though...and look at that hairy bodyday #224

Today I had to pick up some of the big boys toys from work, wich were broken for far too long and asked my dad to fix them. I pciked up our little niece Imane to come with me... First we picked up the truck and went to my work.. she played with the toys for a bit, made a puzzle and then we went to this playground for a bit. She loved, especially the water there. So since we only had an hour, I promissed her, we would go back soon with her older brother... here she is enjoying the sand and waterday #225 

Well I'm caught up... will be back this weekend for sure. This week has flewn by and weekend is almost here, just one more day of work! woohoo....   -x-

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day # 215- 219: finally weekend is here!

Nothing much to tell you other then I've been busy the past week... mostly at work though. Two days I worked by myself and it was fine, alhtough I was totally exhausted at the end of the day and nothing more came out of my hands! LOL So yeah, I'm glad weekend is here... cause we've got some fun things planned!

But first let me show you my pics from last week... Monday at work we made this puzzles with the kids #215

Tuesday, it was my weekly day off and for diner I made us some yummy cous-cous, veggies and chicken. I first cooked the chicken and to make it extra tasty I've put them on our eletric BBQ when they were done. I love this BBQ! :)day #216

On Wednesday one of my colleagues brought this small air-cushen to work and the kids totally loved it.. it was so fun! LOL, just look at her tongue sticking out of joy! heheday #217

On Thursday I worked an extra day at work... Anouk, my colleagues' girl was there too. I hardly ever see her, since I normally don't work on Tues.& Thursday , so of course I had to take a photo of this cutie! :)day #218

yesterday I had the cutest idea for a photo... a belly shot! LOL, not mine...from some of the kids! I wanted to have more on there...but most of them were still a sleep and so this is it! 4 petit belly's. It didn't really turned out as I had mind though...but don't have any other shot from yesterday, other then just kids playing with the water!day #219

And today it's Saturday... I just went looking at the castle for a wedding in November with the happy couple. I wanted to sleep for an hour or so...but my guy won't let me and told me to do my things. I'm so running out of time and need some sleep! LOL

Tonight my brother and his GF are celebrating their B-days, so will be going there... and they will probably be my photo for today. Tomorrow morning we're heading to Friesland. My cousin Ron, his wife & daugther and having their holiday there and asked us to come over for a few days. So we will be back on Tuesday at the end of the day... so will hopefully post my photos from the weekend then :) See ya and enjoy your weekend! -xox- 

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day #209 - 214: catching up...

Well our first week of work has passed, survived our weekend and August is already here... Really, where did July go?? Time flew by!! Our first week of work was ok and relaxed...this weekend we had nothing planned other then to just relax... So let me show you my pics. from this week...

Tuesday after we had diner, we went to get an ice-cream here in town. We sat down at this bench in a little parc and ate our ice-cream...we had view over this beautiful #209

When my guy was in Morocco, I took some photos of myself, with the tripod and my remote control. After he got home and saw the photo he loved it. So glad he did, cause I already ordered this photo in canvas for him...LOLday #210

Thursday I was off work and made a yummy diner, for my family. I made my moms delicious glad she gave me the recipe!! So we ate at my parents' house with my brother and his GF. I still hadn't got a gift for my birthday from my brother & Kiki, but they didn't forget me... I got these two cute bracelets, some paper scrapping stickers and the cutest tea light shaped like a butterfly... day #211

Then Friday night arrived and we were glad we came through this week ok...we treated ourselves to some yummy chocolate mouse with whipped cream...MMmmmmday #212

The Saturday August 1st... Since my parents bought a new refrigerator ...a huge american style one, we got they old table model freezer. We have a little freezer above the refrigerator, but it's toooo small for the two of us. We had one, but it was broken for a while.... LOL. So now we have a new one...and I'm so happy with it. Thanks mom & dad! :) day #213

This morning I made us some yummy french toast...we wanted to make these yesterday, but found out we didn't have anymore eggs. So I promised my guy to make them this morning... They were so good, with sugar & syrop! :)day #214

Ok peeps, I'm off... still want to scrap a bit. But also kind of tired... my period is coming up (not like you wanted to know that...LOL) and did some serious cleaning today...the whole kitchen is shining! Cleaned everything and sorted out the cabinets and threw away lots of things that were over date...oops! Not fresh products though...just other things like cake-mix and such. I need to check that more often! :)

Well see ya soon! -hugs-