Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day #148-150: Sight seeing Holland!

Since my cousin Nathan came here, we've seen places here in Holland I've never been before. Well at least I don't remember it. I know we went there when I was little, but it was great to go there again.

On Thursday we went to Volendam, a typically tourist spot...well-known for its old fishing boats and the traditional clothing still worn by some residents. There are tons of these cute souvenir shops, with typical dutch things like: clogs, delfsblue pottery, wind mills & much more... here are some pretty hand painted #148

We rented some bikes and just went site-seeing & entered tons of these cute souvenir shops... day 148-149 013-2

At the end we decided to go to this studio to have our photos taken in old Dutch customes... It was so much and the photo is so cool. I didn't took this photo myself, but did added a logo for the blog here. On the left you see my guy and me, in the middle is my cousin Nathan and on the right you see my little brother melvin and his GF Kiki, isn't it cute? :)32-2

On Friday, Nathan, Melvin and I went to the cheesemarket in Alkmaar, another great tourist place. It was fun to see and hear how it all worked back in the days, this is the only place in Holland where they have these markets on Friday... here you see the cheese carriers and in the back you see two men, a buyer and a seller... They are talking about the price of the cheeseday #149

Just a couple of more shots of the cheese weighing station, a typical Dutch milk/cheese girl and of melvin and Nathan romanticly eating some cheese... Really these two guys together are just hilarious sometimes!! LOLday 148-149 062-2day 148-149 070-2 day 148-149 085-2

Then for Day #150... I went to this castle nearby to take some family photos of my colleague Mieke, her DH and cute kids... It was fun, but it was a little hard too. But I think the photos turned out good! Here's one of them I #150

Ok one more of wich I think is pretty cute :)hoeven2-2  

Now I've got to go take a shower, cause we're bringing Abdel's parents to the airport. They're going to Morocco for two months and I'm so going to miss them!! After that we're going to the beach with some our cousins and spend the day there. It will be lots of fun for sure!!!

But before I go I need to announce the winner or my little $5 GC give-away... So drumroll please, the winner is...




Jarila, congrats girl, I'll contact you this week about your price!!!

Have a wonderful sunny day everyone! -hugs-

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day # 142-147: Time really flies!!

When you're having fun!! Ok I did have fun, my week has been crazy so far... Sunday we played a softball game and had a B-day party after that. Monday I worked and had pitcher practice, yesterday I worked and had a meeting with a couple to shoot their wedding in November ( and I got it!!!) and today was another day of work, but now....I'm having a looong long weekend ahead!!

Tomorrow is my weekly day off and we're spending it with my cousin Nathan from the states...So fun. Friday my brother and I are taking him to this Dutch cheesemarket. Saturday I'm going to scrap asmmuch as I can and mkaybe have a little shoot with one of my colleagues and her family. Sunday more relaxation!!! Then Monday is a national day off and Tuesday my weekly day off again... So I have non stop 6 days off and I so need it and look forward to all the fun stuff!!!

Anyway enough rambling for now.. Let's get to bussiness!!! Tons of photos to show you. First off Friday and I have to say I cheated! I was so tired I totally forgot to take a photo... This is the first time I missed a day. But I did scrap, so instead I took a photo of the page I made :)day #142

Saturday I spend the afternoon with one of my sweet friends and had a lovely diner together, but I forgot my camera... At night I went to the movies with my cousin from the states and our little cousin Robin. We went to see 'night at the museum 2' and it was fun! So when I got back I took this photo of the #143 

Sunday I thought it would be fun to take a photo of a package I recieved on Saturday... This is a "Buzzer' package. Buzzer is a website that let's people try out new things that aren't on the market yet.. When I like it, I need to 'buzz' other people about it and also gave them a little sample od the buzzable product. This time it was a grill/steam herb sacks... take some chicken, out this in a special steam bag, add the herbs and put them in the oven for an hour... The chicken needs to be all mushy and it looks delicious. I can tell you it also smells sooooo good, cause I'm having it in the oven right now. I just took a photo of it, so just keep on reading! :)day #144

Monday we didn't had a lot of kids at daycare and so we took them to the playground near by.. The weather was gorgeous and they all loved it. But when we got back there was a lot of cleaning to do. Juts like the little Ruben ( one of my colleagues' boy) here all the kids were covered with sand :)day #145

Tuesday was Lista's, my colleagues birthday. Mieke (my other colleague) and I gave gave her some money to get a pedicure or soemthing like that. For that I made this cute money envelop using a template by Ilona havenaar... She loved it! :)day #146

So now for the chicken... We had diner an hour ago and I still feel the taste of that delicious chicken on my was it good!!! So here's what it looked liked when it just came out of the oven...All fresh, tasty and so soft...Mmmmday #147

Now going to change and head to my brothers house, we're going to the casino tonight with my cousin Nathan from the states...

Oh and before I forget, you have till my next post to leave me a comment here and have a chance to win a $5 GC to one of my favorite stores... See you soon... -hugs-

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day #138 - 141: Waaaay behind!!

Well my brilliant idea of having a guessing game this week, lost it's battle against me coming up with a new idea and photo prompt!! LOL. I made for one more day, but then it ended! But I am still going to give away a $5 GC to one of my fav digishops!!

So what I'm going to do now is... Just pick a random winner from everyone who left me a comment this week and that lucky lady will get a $5 GC from me to either: SOD, A5D or W&W... So bring on those comments! :)

Now for Day seems like weeks ago, LOL. I did took a photo for the guessing game, so here it is: an #138

Then Day #139 (Tuesday)... the little tadpole have grown and we already have two little froggies.  They are so tiny and cute, but really don't let them loose cause they'll jump all over the place. And since they are so fast and little...they're hard to catch!! LOL. Yeah I know... when I showed one of them to the kids and had put it on the table it jumped right off the table (like 1 meter high) luckily it survided!! Along with one of his little friends I put this little froggie back to the ditch across the street from #139

Ok one more photo...just because they're so cute. We measured it and it was only 1,3 cm big..I mean small :)

Now Wednesday after work I was a little bored and had no inspiration for a photo and just decided to make one of the shells we took home from when we walked through the moroccan mountains in 2006! day #140

Ok please stay with me... cause Thursday I had an amazing photoshoot with one of the girls from softball. Really Nadia is a natural and I loved photographing her! We just drived to this place and found several pretty locations, we had a blast!!! I'm going to show you my photo for the day and make sure to check my photography website later this #141

Ok maybe just a few more :)nadia2-webnadia16-web  nadia7-web nadia27-2-web

I do still have Friday's photo and today's one left, but will be back with those hopefully tomorrow, really gotta go have some lunch and clean the house...So if anyone is interested in washing the floors over here...just come on over!!! LOL  - SYL-

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day #136 & 137: Guessing...

Before I'm starting a fun game this week I have yesterday's photo to show you all... Yesterday there was a fun yearly fair in my parents' town and I went there with my mom and dad... There we met with some other members of our family and friends. Robin our little (ok 12 yr old and almost bigger then me!!) cousin was there too and he went on this #136

Some kind of bungy/trampoline thing... He was hooked to these bungy cords and jumped as high as he could on the trampoline... I asked him to do tricks, but I think he didn't felt like it! LOL

Now this week, I'm going to take photos and you ladies can guess what it is!! Sounds like fun?? Well one lady who gets them all right will get a 5$ GC to one of my fav digishops, you can pick from: A5D, SPD or W&W ... So what are you waiting for...

So no introduction today, just my photo for Day #137: ?????day #137

Can't wait to see who's playing a long this week! :) Off to leave some loving around   -hugs-

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day #133-135: I'm starting to...

get a little blog lazy and I have no clue why!! I mean I love blogging. Not that you can tell from my scrapblog though, cause I've been totally neglecting that one. So my goal this weekend is post to my scrapblog! :) I'm still enjoying this project 365 and taking a photo a day has been so much fun... Anyway I think I told that about a 100 times by now...hihi

So let's start of with Day #133... When playing outside with the kids at daycare one of them came to me, holding this little beetle in his hand. I mean one my colleagues jumped from her chair... LOL We grabbed this special little can and went on the look out for more of these crawly creatures, like spiders and such...well the only thing we found was this beetle and lots of ants. So we had an beetle & ants can and the kids really loved it!!!day #133

Thursday I went to my SIL, to have a little shoot with her kids. The weather was beautiful and she dressed them up (a bit)... It was fun and I thought I had some good photos, but I guess I didn't. I do have some cute ones of them seperately, but not together. The only one that looked o-k, is this #134

Imane (the middle aged, on the left) kept calling Dina's (the youngest) name and pulling her hands and things like that. Aatik (the oldest) has hay-fever, so on most photos he's eyes are closed, due to the fact they itch! When I though I had the perfect pose or so... Imane left the scene, cause well 'miss-I-do-what-I-want' wanted to go on the swing!!!! LOL Really she is funny, but she's also becoming a little brad now and then! She still has a special place with me, since I was there when she was born and had the honor to hold her all night, when my SIL was resting :)

Then for my photo for yesterday... I wanted to go see how the swan mom was doing, but the rain came pooring down!!!!! So I stayed in...took my tripod and extension set and shot some macro things... here's the one I like best. I watered the plants in the living room and this drop was sitting there... I took my 20 shots to get it just how I wanted it. So here ya go...Day #135day #135

Gotta go take a shower and head to my parents... There's a fun yearly fair in their town, so my mom and I are going there. I hope the weather stays like it is (a little sunny) cause they also predicted rain for today... Will be leaving lots of love tomorrow!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day #130-132: did I tell you...

Mom, that I love you very, very much!! I know you're reading my blog and I love the fact that you're interested in what I do! You mean the world to me and although we weren't best friends back when I was a teenager , I do feel you're one of those friends in my life right now. Just because you care and are there for me when I need you! I love you so much and would've have no clue what to do without!!! Here's you after our Mothersday diner, I love you!!day #130

Then Monday's photo... The neighbourhood kids have been chalking the parking spaces and I took a photo from my balcony. When walking by, they told me this was me... And probably told that to all the other people walking by.... LOLday #131

Then my photo for today... I went to see my SIL and our nephews and nieces. I'm going over there on Thursday to have a little outside/playground photo shoot with them. here's the youngest Dina... She turned onw (ALREADY!) on May 3rd... She's so cute and always happy!day #132-2

Will see you all again on Thursday... Tomorrow night we're playing an indoor soccer game against our guys and some friends. So a girl/boy game and I know it's going to be tons of fun... Just hope they won't be to rough on us girlies! hehe    -x-

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day #128 & 129: Happy mothersday....

to all the moms out there and especially to my own sweet mom!!! Haven't seen her yet, but she did got a little present from me... At daycare we took these plastic disposal tea cups & saucers and painted them with special paint. We made a little teabag tag and put that in the cup...wrapped it and there you have a special teacup for mothersday. So I thought it would be fun and made one too :) My parents went on a sort of a last minute weekend away and I gave my dad the present. This morning when she woke up he gave it to her and that's where she drunk her tea from... They texted me and said the tea tasted it vene BETTER!!! hihi

Today's photo will of course be about my mom...we're going to see them later on and I'm going to prepare all kinds of yummy things, like patry's filled with meat and veggies, a cold salad, chicken wings and lots more... I think I'm also going to make a yummy desert with chocolate, starwberry's, pastry and ice-cream! :)

I still have to show you my photo from Friday & yesterday, so here they are. First of Friday day #128... Really I love how this turned out and I'm even a little proud. During my break at work I went outside and saw this dragonfly sitting on some grass... I guess I approached it way too fast, cause it flew off right away. Like 50 meter down, it sat down again...this time I went close sloooowwly and it stayed!! I was sooo #128

Then my photo from yesterday day #129: A dandelion #129

Well will see you all tomorrow or Tuesday... gotta go have breakfast and start prepartions for our diner tonight -x-

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day # 125-127: getting close...

Or even closer! Still doing the macro/close-up photography thing this week and it's so much fun playing around with my new extension rings. So I'm still on track...well talking the photo business, cause honestly I'm way behind on scrapping my weekly pages. Maybe I'll get to that tonight....

here are my photos...first off day #125. After we had great weather for a few weeks, it rained all day... :( I didn't feel like going out and took this shot on our #125

Yesterday I found this little snail house in my parents' backyard and well I still needed a photo for the day, Day #126day #126

And last my photo for today...I took some photos for today, but didn't like them at all. When watching tv I saw this little flower falling down on my lens cap (yeah I sometimes forget to put the cap on right away after taking photos...well at least when I'm at home!) And like how it looked :)day #127

But that's not all.... I told you like a week ago that my photography website was done! I was supposed to show it to you ladies on Tuesday, but just didn't felt like blogging. So I'm going to do it now!! Let me present to you my very first offical photography website:

Past & Present fotografie 

I do have to say that everything is in dutch, but if you really wanna read, I know google does translates sites. But beware, cause when translating, some lines may sound a bit (or very) weird!! hehe. Anyway you can check my gallery's if you want and if you have any feedback or input about the whole look of the site, you're welcome to share.

Ok ladies, will be leaving some love now, before I'm going to start diner... See you this weekend! *hugs*

Monday, May 4, 2009

Day #121- 124: has it been 4 days??

Ok it has never take me this long to post...but I'm here now! And I've got 4 days to show you. let's start with Friday...

After we had diner my guy went to see his parents for a was still beautiful and wamr outside and so I went on a hunt to find little ducklings. I've been walking around the neighbourhood for like 45 minutes, when I gave up... I did found some ducks still nesting, but no little ones yet. Then when driving back home... I saw the group of geese ... I noticed recently that all the mom geese has left their nests and thought they had abandonded them, but guess not... In between the parents legs there were two groups of young geese. One family had 5 of them and the other family only three, but they were truly the cutest. I stayed in the car first, cause I was kind of scared, but after the mtoehr got used to me I went out and took some more photos... I think I stayed there for like 30 mins...too cute!!! This little one was hiding behind mom's feet and I so love this #121

Ok one more, this little chick was bravely stading there all by itself :)day 121-2-2

Now on to Saturday... when taking a short walk I heard these bees from like 200 meters away and when walking around the corner I saw this beautiful tree, surrounded by like 10 busy bees. here's one trying to get some nectar from the #122

Now like I said this next week is going to be all about macro photography! Just a fun way to try out my new extensions tubes. On Sunday we went to my parents and that's where I took this shot... All the flowers in the backyard are so pretty this time of year, don't you just love flowers?? :)day #123

Now for today's photo... It's stawberry time and time for me to host another photo prompt challenge at weeds & wildflowers. The challenge is like a double take this week. I want to see some kind of close-up or mac4o shot and want it to be some food: like fruits, veggies or anything else from the season! :) Last week I ordered strawberries for the kids at daycare, just to see how good they are right now... Well there are sooo good and sweet, this is the perfect time to eat those. So here's my #124

So guess I'm caught up now... Already have a great idea for tomorrow's shot and hope it works out! :) If I'm in a good mood I'll might even show you my new website... yeah I think I will!! :)

Have a great night for now and will be leaving lots of loving tomorrow.... -hugs-