Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day #176-181: summer time!!

yeah people summer is really here and you can feel it! The sun is out and it's pretty hot...today when we were in the car the temperature on the car meter was 32 degrees...ladies it's HOT down here!! Anyway I've got a couple more photos for you, from the last week...

First up Thursday.. I took this shot of this beautiful flower with my extension rings, don't you just love the colors??!! I do!! :) I was supposed to had a shoot with the neighbour kids, but the little one wasn't feeling that good... so my shot for the day!day #176

Friday I took my old road to work...it has been closed down for weeks and to be honest I have no clue what they did with the road! LOL. I was a little early, so I thought let's try and see if it's open again and it was... It was a misty morning, before the sun came out...day #177

On Saturday I had a wedding shoot and I can tell you, it went great!! Loved the photos so far... Have seen them all real quick, but didn't took a good look at all of them, just didn't have time yet! But as far as I saw them I have a few favs. But since the happy couple haven't seen them yet, I'm just going to show you one I like. Not just the photo of it, but the whole idea. We wrote their first letter and a heart in the sand at this lake...haven't edited this photo yet..so right out of my camera, here it is:day #178

Sunday I had a softball game, but didn't bring my camera... after worths we went to my parents to have diner there and my mom gave me these beautiful Hydrangeas... Took a photo of them when I got home :)day #179

Then for Monday... One of the kids at daycare had her birthday the weekend and she treated us on these delicious decorated cupcakes...boy they were good!!! I took lots of shots and hopefully one day I can make them like is...at least I'm going to try! :) Don't they look yummy?? day #180

Then today... I was supposed to go to work, but my colleague wanted to work for me, ain't that sweet?? So I got a day off and so did my sweetie. So we spend the day together, just sleeping in, chilling and we also did some shopping! Around seven the neighbour kids were playing outside with waterguns... So I threw some water at them from the balcony, something they didn't expected! LOL.. But since we live on the third floor they couldn;t reach me and so I decided to go outside for a bit. It was fun and I got home all sooked! LOL. My guy laughed at me and told me it was childish... Mmm I don't care! LOL, you're as old as you feel, right?? hehe. We had fun and that's what matters, he's just a party pooper, you here my sweetie?? hihi Anyway of course I took my camera down and took this photo of Nizar...love the bit of sun flare on this :)day #181

Well going to relax before it's bedtime.. Only need to work tomorrow and Friday till our 3 weeks off of work will start!!! I sooo can't wait :) See ya soon   -x-     

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day #171 - 175: catching up...

Had a great, fun but busy week so far... Ok I think you're all getting sick of the word busy by now! LOL So I'm going to change the word 'busy' to 'lively' from now on :)

Let's start with Saturday... we went with my parents to an old friends of them and her DH, Nienke & Cees... Let me start with Nienke, I just love her, we didn't always get a long when I was a teen but well I wasn't such a sweetheart as I am now... hehe! When my brother and I were little we always went to stay with her and I loved it. She lives in this big trailer-house by the water and especially in summer times we loved to be there! I can go on and on about all the adventures we had there!!! Ice-skating in winter time, floating with the boat, fishing and more. Then Cees... This guy is such a sweetheart and their lives has totally changed since they discovered intestinal cancer with him. To me he's such a strong man and lives his life by the day. He's still working, but whenever they can they go out with their RV and see the world. On the day we were there, he looked great and you wouldn't think he's sick... but I felt and later on we heard he was stuggling to be the best he could be that day. I really admire him for his strength and the will to go on and fight this cancer!!! (hold on, need to grab a tissue real quick)

Here's a photo of Nienke, Cees, my mom & dad...day #171

Oh this guy can play the piano!!! It's truly A-MA-ZING!!!!! They have this big glass 'schimmel'  piano in the living room and he played us a little part. day 171 038-2

He also plays organ.. the church nearby their house, just got a new one and so would love to see and hear him play that organ. So we talked about and going to hopefully see him plqay it this summer... He has the key to the church's backdoor and go play their organ whenever he wants!day 171 085-2

On Sunday I went to see one of the girls from college, we haven't seen eachother for like 4 years and it was so fun! We talked for hours and all I can say was that it was great! 'Sabn we really got to do this again soon...missed you!!!' 

The bad thing is that we totally forgot to take a photo, so since it was fathersday here, we went to my dad after I got home to give him a little present. He wanted a router for the internet for his laptop and he got it from us... On Saturday my dad got a new (well 2nd hand) RV, since he sold the old one... I had already seen it sat. night, but Abdel and my brother didn't...so we went to look at it. It's this old Volkswagen vanagon with a complete westfalia built-in... It's so cool and vintagy, I love it :)day #172

The Monday was a beautiful sunny day and when having my break at work the sun was beautiful with these clouds, so took this shot... Love the lens flare on this shot!day #173

Then Tuesday after work we had this workshop, but since I had 1,5 hours before it started I went to Antoinette. She picked up my extension rings in the morning at work and wanted to see if she could 'work' them and if she already took some pics. We played with it for a bit, but didn't get a good shot of the bees & bugs, just one of a flower... Will show you after my photo for the day... Max her little boy (he goes to my daycare too) was eating this strawberry we used to take a photo of and he was so cute... Look at this little smoochie, strawberry monster :)day #174

Then next up is Wednesday... Last night was the one of the last soccer practices before summer and we wanted to do something fun. One of the girls shouted she would love to play softball... and so we did! I got this bag from my club with gloves, bats, balls and everything we needed. When I asked my coach for the goodies, he said we could also use one of the fields if we wanted... Well YEAH, that would be so awsome!!!! And so we did. We did a little warming up, did some throwing and they we tossed some balls for them to hit. Nadia (my model:)) from my team came to help me with the fun... Later on both my coaches also come to help. I didn't wanted ask them, since they're busy enough already... But all of the sudden they came to help the girls with how to stand when hitting and things like that.... Although I think Pieter came to see if there was maybe any natural talent!!! hihihihi. It was soooo much fun and everyone loved it. Of course Nadia and I showed them how it should be done too! LOL They all said we should do this again and I'm sure we will!!!  here's a group shot, my guy took...he also came to watch us for a bit! :) thanks luvday #175

Not sure when I'll be back with photos of the rest of the week... This afternoon I've got a little shoot with the neighbour kids, if the little ones feels ok anyway... He had surgery two weeks ago and they went back to the hospital on Monday, so we'll see. Friday just a day of work and couch relaxing like I always do on Friday night. Saturday I've got to shoot a wedding and hope the weather stays like this! Sunday I've got a softball game and then... ONE MORE WEEK of work till we get our summer vacation!!!! I'm sooo ready for it! :)

Well till my next post -x-

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day #165- 170: I got a complaint...

From my parents...well actually from my dad! He said it was ridiculous I haven't blogged for so long! He looked for it everyday since my last post, sorry sweets I just have been too busy! :) Although I didn't blog I still took my photos everyday and well it's been only 6 days, right? That's not too bad :)

Let me start with my photo from Sunday...we didn't do anything special and nothing spectaculair to photograph, except for the sweet diner we had... I made us some yummy chicken with rice and veggies...day #165

On Monday I had a regular day at work, again nothing special.. I took some photos of the kids playing. Femke was chilling in the little doll bed and it was so cute. I was a second too late to snap a photo of her, laying in it under a blanket, but this was cute too! day #166 

When driving home from work on Tuesday there was a big traffic jam on the highway... Later I saw that an accident had happened. The signs tell you to slow down...till max. 50km. Lucky for me I needed to get of the next exit to IJsselstein...day #167

On Wednesday after work I went to my dad's garage... He asked me when it was the last time I checked my oil and things like that... Well to be honest I couldn't even remember, LOL. So he did that for me... In the mean time I started cleaning the inside windows of my car and well I haven't clean my car yet ever since I got in January... Yeah sometimes I'm a little lazy. So when I was done with the windows, I vacummed also and cleaned the dashboard and everything. When on my way to driving to my parents' to have diner there, I thought... well why not get it through the carwash right away too and so I did. I mean driving a clean car feels soooo much better! hehe. It stayed in the car when it went through the carwash and it was kind of scary though...LOL

day #168

On Thursday I had a pregnancy shoot, with my old neighbour and her little boy... They also asked me to make the birth announcement. It was so fun and Damian was doing really great, giving mommy's belly some sweet kisses and even wet blow kisses :) It was fun, and love how the photos turned out. You can see more of these on my website this weekend... here's one of my favorites>>>day #169

Last night I've filled 260 envelopes with one photo each from the reunion at my cousins school... It was a 1,5 hour job and I'm so glad it's done... Now we only need to add my bussiness cards (when they get here) and stick a postage stamp on it... Here's the pile of envelopes :)day #170

So I guess that's it... Ok for dad: Not sure when I'll be able to post again, but I think it will be around Thursday. Got a busy week and have got things planned every night this week, well not really planned most of the are obligations, oh well...

Today I'm going to this big market and in the afternoon we're going over to friends of my parents... I haven't seen them in ages, so I asked if we could come over too... Tomorrow I'm going to see an old friend from college, who I haven't seen in like 2 years (or maybe even more!!) and I so look forward to that...

Well people have a wonderful weekend and before I'm off to take a shower, I'm going to leave some sweet loving around! Uhm yeah, this time I WILL!   -xx-

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day # 160-164: still working like...

Crazy to wrap up a few projects I've got going at the moment... I mean most of them are almost done, but still have so many little things I need to do. Like email people, make bussiness cards & posters for my photography, order prints & lots more..and then of course they are CT things I want & need to do..but well that's life at the moment and like I probably said a few times before, there are too little hours in one day! Anyway let's get to my photos of last week...

Tuesday we had a BBQ at my aunts' house the night before our cousin Nathan went back to the states... My cousins wife and kids were there too... I don't see them that often and really they are so cute & sweet. Of course I took a few fun shots of them and I truly adore this one of Eline... Ready in her pj's to go home, holding her little 'lollifant'..that a character of one of 'Winnie the Pooh's movies'.. I think he's called 'Lumpy' in the states, the cute purple elephant :) Well anyway here she is...day #160

For wednesday just a simple, blurry photo of the sun going under... Yeah it's blurry cause I took it from out of the car, pointing my camera at one of the back passenger windows, as you can prob. see...hihiday #161

Thursday after work I went to where my mom works...there new building got opened and there was a party... There was this weird, kind of creepy guy who spit fires. He made a whole show with the opening and it was kind of fun. After the opening my mom talked to him and I can tell you he looks creepy, but he is truly hilarious!! here's one of the photos from the show..day #162  

On Friday I forgot to take my photo for the day... But I did took some photos from the kids at daycare. Lucky for me I also took one of one of my colleagues' kids Ruben. He is getting so big & wise... But he's still one of my cute little friends, although cuddling & giving cute kisses is out of the question lately! :)day #163

Then this morning when sitting behind my PC with the window wide open, to feel the summer breeze over my shoulders..this bug flew in and kept bothering me and kept flying and buzzing around my head... I so hate those bussing noises and just gives me the chills, LOL. So I thought let's have a little advantage of this bug flying in and take my photo for today...day #164

If the weather is just a beautiful as today I've got two photo shoots... But looking at the weather report it's going to rain all day long, so we'll see about that! Will be leaving some loving around in the morning for sure... Cause it's been too long (didn't I say that in ym last post too??) anyway I will do it this time! -xx-

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day #158 & 159: Party time!!

Ok it's already over by now, but I had a fun two days... On Sunday we had our yearly family and all I can say is that is was a BLAST!!! And yesterday it was MY Birthday!!! Yeah peeps, I turned 27 and when waking up this morning I had muscle pains like almost everywhere! LOL This can have three reasons: 1. I've been too active during family day... 2. I slept in a weird position...or... 3. these are the first signs of getting OLD!!! LMAO!!!  hihi

Let me tell you a little about our yearly familyday... When my GM (my mom's mom) past away I knew from then on it would be a rare happening if all of my mom's side of the family would be together. So I started a tradition thby organizing a familyday. The first time we all went to the zoo and since everyone loved to spend a day together, we decided to make this a yearly tradition!! If I'm correct this was the 4th year and everyone year someone else plans this day. This year my cousin Ron and his family organized it...

We went to this western farm where we played tons of fun games... We all got a few coins and needed to bet against eachother while playing games like: crossbow shooting, pinning nails, riding a bull, playing ring toss and lots more... The one with the most coins by the end of the day was the winner... And guess what?? I won!!! LOL  Ok I cheated a little...hehe I asked peoples coins at the end, cause well it was MY B-day (i celebrated a little during familyday) LOL and I just had to win :) Anyway we told the guy from the farm it was my birthday and all of the sudden there he was... with balloons and all. My family started singing while he made me this incredibly cool hat...day #158

So there's my photo of the day! Really it was a blast like it is every year and I so can't wait till next year!! Here's a little impression of the day...familiedag2009

Now yesterday: June 8th was my official birthday! I had to work and so I celebrated with the kids at daycare... It was fun and also got a few presents from some of the kids. I also got a giftcard from my colleagues from this cute accesory store... cause I really want a new black purse. I didn't have the intention to celebrate that night after work, but during the day I texted some of my family if they wanted to come for diner and cake... So my parents & my cousin, with her guy and little boy came over for diner and Abdel got some chinese on the way home... It was fun and relaxed. I didn't take any spectaculair photo of me during my birthday, cause I thought it would be fun to take one of my passport... To proof to y'all it was indeed my birthday! LOL  day #159

Well I've got a few more things I need to do before leaving today and my schedule is working good so far. Really these days I just need to have a little list of tasks and things I need to do, or else I won't get to them at all! My business is going great and I've got a fun pregnancy shoot later on. They also want me to make the birth announcement, so that's going to be fun! At night we're having a BBQ at my aunts house... Cause my cousin Yvette and both Nathan from the states graduated. It will be the last day before Nathan is going back to Texas and we're so going to miss him!!! I hope and I guess I know he had fun and will be back soon!

Wish you all a great day and if everything works out it will be back later on to leave some sweet loving around the P365 world, cause I've been real bad at visiting y'all!!! -x-

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day #153 - 157: too busy...

with real life at the moment and sometimes I have no clue when I'm able to post here, but I'm going to try to keep up :)

let's start with Tuesday June 2nd, day #153... My guy, our cousin Nathan and I went to Amsterdam for sight seeing. Of course he wanted to see the 'wallen' also known as the red light district, well just for fun. We just walked by and to be honest there were no pretty looking ladies at all, but well... I can say I went there! LOL After that we went to the rijksmuseum. And saw one of Hollands most famous paintings by Rembrandt van Rijn called: 'The nightwatch' . It was a fun day... Here's nathan walking through the RLD... :)day #153

On Wednesday night I had soccer practice and since we were only with 5 girls, we decided to put up this big jumping pillow (not sure if that's the right word! LOL) Here's Kiki (my SIL) 'playing' soccer & jumping on the thing...day #154

Then next up is Thursday...when driving home from work after a meeting the sky was filled with these hot-air-balloons and it was such a pretty sight...day #155

I didn't took any photos for my project 365 on Friday, but I did some cute photos at daycare. Here's one of the little girls who had put on my boots... Obviously I cropped since I can't use photos from all the kids. isn't that funny and she could even properly walk on these :)

day #156

Then yesterday was a big and busy day... First I went to get my eyebrows tatooed again, cause the first time I did it looked like they did nothing and paid a lot of money for that. So this time I went to another lady and she did a whole better job! After that I rushed to my cousin Robin's school, cause they had their 50th anniversary reunion. I took class photos of the people who went to that school from 1959 till now. It was so much fun and they all turned out great. During this year of their 50th anniversary I did some other photo shoots too, for the 50 year anniversary book. It is so freakin' cool to see your own photos printed in a book!!! I'm so proud and of course I also got a copy of it...day #157

There are 6 pages filled with MY photos and the rest of the photos are more old ones from when it all started... The fun thing is that they put this little 'special thanks to...'  me in there too and added my website. So cool!

Well got to go have breakfast and a shower now, cause we're leaving the house in 50 minutes. Today is our yearly familyday with my mom's side of the family. I started this like 4 years ago after my GM passed away and it has been a yealry tradition since then. My cousin Ron is hosting it this year and they want it to be a suprise... We're meeting up at this carpool area...but I wouldn't be me if I didn't google for it!! LOL So now I know what we're going to do and it sure looks like tons of fun! :)

See ya on Tuesday on my day off... Oh and tomorrow is my big day!! Well BIG?? It's my birthday :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Day #151 & 152: fun & relaxation

So yesterday we had a fab day at the beach... After we dropped Abdel's parents' at the airport and shedded a few tears of them leaving for sooo long... we met up with some of my cousins an had a wonderful day. The weather was beautiful, the sun was out, about 27 degrees and there was a gentle cool breeze. A perfect day... We brought some snacks & drinks, played soccer, flew a kite, frisbeed and built sandcastles... well at least that was the plan, but well with these guys around, it soon turned into a sandy lady with boobs and all. I did took photos of it, but don't wanna offend anyone, but really we had a blast!

The water was still incredibly cool and nobody went in there above the knees...bbrrr. My guy tried to go as far as he could, but this was all, he said his toes started to hurt...LOLday #151

My photo for today isn't all that... We stayed in a relaxed a bit after this extremely busy week and just needed some time to ourselves... I scrapped a few pages and did some online tasks I needed to finish... So just a shot of my agenda and today's date! Can you believe it's already June?? I don't.. I'm so close to turning 27!!! Yikesday #152

Will see you all this week somewhere... have no clue how my week is going to go, the only thing I know is that it's going to be busy with sports, work & meetings. Tomorrow is my final day off, in the morning I'm planning to officially regsiter my photograp[hy bussines and if all goes right we're taking Nathan to Amsterdam... Wednesday I need to get back to work and then real life starts again... -hugs-