Monday, October 26, 2009

Day #294-299: tomorrow marks Day #300!!

Wow peeps, only 66 days left till the end of this project... I still haven't decided wether I'm going to continue this next year. But we'll see at the end of the year! :)

So lets' start with Wednesday, day and some of the kids at daycare made this huge necklace with colored beads. They loved and Sanne here had to show it off :)day #294

On Thursday I went shopping for scrapbook things and while at the shopping centre I decided to take an eye-test. I've been having headaches when sitting at the pc for a while and just had to check... This is one of the machines that I had to sit at.. I hated that thing, with the puff of air blowing in my eye! Yuck... day #295

I'll tell you how that went in a bit...

So on Friday we didn't had a lot of kids and so we went to the building-playground for a bit in the afternoon. Ruben here (my colleagues' son) was playing with this water pump... He needed all his stenght to make it work and look at that tongue sticking out of his mouth while trying to get water out of it...LOLday #296

Saturday, today my guy went back to the shopping mall, to pick out a pair of glasses... FOR ME!!!! I'm so not sure about this wearing glasses. But I don't need to wear them all the time... Only when driving, sitting at the PC or when I'm watching tv. It was so hard to pick one, but the lady there said, I have a face wich goes with lots of glasses... So here's the one I picked out. The color isn't really clear on this photo, since I forgot to use my flash. It's kind of bronze colored and I think it's simple, but nice! :)day #297

Sunday I didn't do a whole lot... I worked on my new hybrid (=digital & paper scrapbooking combined)    project and here are some of the goodies..with a highlight on my awsome, handy, but little expensive crop-a-dile. I've only punched holes with it so far, but already love it!!!!!day #298

Today I worked and had a little shoot with a couple of kids. here's Mike, I had a shoot with him and his family a while ago. He's such a cute boy, but man those big boys can make so much noise and they really know how to make us tired and drive us a bit crazy sometimes! Our Monday group has a lot of 3+ kids, so they can be so loud and busy all together...pffhew!day #299

So that's it... going to make my guy start on diner, cause I got a soccer game tonight at 22.10!! Serious, who planned this, it sucks and it's way too late! I'll be home around 24 at the latest, hopefully!!!!!  And then I have to work tomorrow... This is going to be a busy, long and exhausting week for sure! Will see you all soon! And enjoy your week! -x-

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day # 288 - : FUN pics...

So let's continue where I left of the last time... On Thursday I worked an extra day at daycare, on another group instead of my own. On Tuesday & Thursday my sweet colleague Lista, always bring her girl to work...but since I don't always work those days, I don't see her a lot. So when I do I have to take a photo!! When we were outside, she was sitting in the stroller and had so much fun. Either she was laughing with us, or AT us!! LOL, but she has this cute contagious laugh...isn't she adorable??!! Little #288

On Friday, during my break I went to the animal store and got us some... walking sticks (branches, or how ever you call them! LOL) We used to have fish at our group at daycare, but latetly I was done with those..since I'm the one who cleans the tank and all... So a couple of the kids got to pick between turtles and these... abviously they choose these, although I'm sure they had no clue what I was talking about...hehe. Anyways they love them so far and since we have a couple of brave little boys, they had to hold them for a #289

On Saturday my dad went flying in a small motorized hover plane.  My mom, aunt & i went along... and you'll probably know why I went along, right??? photos!! Sadly we were too late to saw him getting up, since my aunt & I missed and exit on the highway. But we were there when he landed. It was a big watery cold, but so much fun! He loved and had this big smile on his face when they landed... It was so fun.. I just don't hope he will see a new hobby in this, since he quit racing!!  vliegen pa 059-2 day #290vliegen pa 115-2

On Sunday I had this fun 3-camp softball tournament against two of our men teams from softball.. My intention was to take tons of photos, but I kind of forgot! LOL... After diner we went to the casino and came back with almost the same amount of money we left with (except for 20 euros!) And I didn't wanted to brign my camera there, so after diner I decided to take this photo... My favorite brand of peanut butter. Really when I lived with my parents, mom spoiled me with always having 'calve', so till this day and all the days to come, I only put this brand on my bread and sometimes I sprinkle a little brown sugar on it... got that from dad! hihi. here it is, the one and #291

Last week they finished our balcony with the new fencing and I totally forgot to show you...till now :) I like it.. it's silver painted on the long side and the small sides are with matt glass... way, way, way better then the old ugly green thing with the rotten wood beam... so this is a great improvement!day #292

Today I started on a fun new hybrid project, although I can't just tell you yet... Cause it's going to be a christmas present for someone really special!! But I can tell you, it's going to be sooo pretty! least I hope it will turn out the way I've got it in my head! ha 

So I didn't took a photo yet, untill the doorbell rang!! Yeah, that one thing I've been waiting on all I kind of gave up hope and thought it would be here tomorrow. That poor package deliverer worked his a** off and my package came after 19.00! But it's here and I'm so's THE WEDDING ALBUM for Mathieu & Marina, who I did the wedding photography for on June 27th. I finished the album at the end of August, but since their little girl arrived that week, it took a little longer then I hoped. But it's here and it turned out amazing... You can say I'm a little proud! :) Sadly I can't show you the pages, since I want them to see it first... so I'll just show you the first page, wich was their wedding invitation and the silver looking cover... here ya #293

So there they are... covered till today! Yoohoo :) Now I'm going to relax and browse the internet for a bit... before I'm going to watch CSI! :) Have a great day/night and will probably see you this weekend! -x-

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day # 284-287: not so interesting!

I'm writing this in between my fav. tv-shows ( cold case & without a trace) during the commercial breaks...we don't have as much breaks as in the states, but they last a bit longer. I don't have anything exciting to mention here and will just post my pics from Sunday through Thursday and will blog the others on Tuesday probably, but I can give you guys a lil' sneak peek of what's coming: Friday we got these phasmids (walking stick insects) at daycare and the kids love them so far... Today my father went hover flying, wich was so cool to see and he loved it... But will keep it fast & simple today, so will post those pics on Tuesday on my day off...

So first my pic from last Sunday... Since our balcony is being renovated, miss buddha stands in the kitchen right now. I got this buddha from my aunt for one of my birthdays (I think it was last year) and she stands on her balcony... when it gets dark the little built-in lamp starts to lights. She charges herself with sunlight :)day #284

Did you know I love chocolate...well I know I'm on a diet but sometimes I got to have a little piece. My favorite is the dark chocolate but tonight I felt for some white 'drops of heaven" (like from a friends episode...LOL) Only two little blocks were good was just for the taste. My guy at the rest of this! :)day #285

Tuesday I had my weekly day off and drank my favorite tea all morning... 'Lipton's Morocco tea'. We usually make our own moroccan tea, but didn't had any mint in the #286 

Wednesday after work I payed the bills and things like that. And decided to clean up some papers too. I always run them through the paper cutter before throwing everything away. At the end I collected a big box op ripped #287

Well this was quick and only needed one commercial break... although cold case got back and I'm still sitting here. So I'm going to say good night and enjoy the rest of your weekend!! See ya Tuesday! -x-

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day # 275 - 283 : you probably won't believe me...

when I say, that this won't happen again!! I suck at blogging the past month or so and I feel a bit quilty... I've been putting it off like I did last time... phffff, what can I say?? LOL Let's just forget about this whole thing and start this upcoming huge blogpost...

Friday day #275, the day before my guy's big 30th birthday party. His b-day present...A friend's husband had to get some things from a sports shop and he told us he got a discount on everything there. And since my guy started kick-boxing a few weeks ago, he wanted gear. And so he got this set of leather gloves, leg-protectors & a teeth protecor. We got it for almost 50% off... and he loves it!!day #275

Then Saturday was the BIG party!! It was so fun... I had got all these '30' decorations to put up, he was really suprised, made all these yummy snacks and also had this choclate fondue fountain. For an extra little gift, I made him this list : 'why it isn't so bad to turn 30...and why it is! He loved... I also gave him three flying laterns, each of them counted for ten years and he could make a wish...but... The weather sucked! It rained and the wind was to heavy, so we didn't let them up in the air. We still haven't yet, so when the weather is ok one of these days, we will!! The party was great...wanna see my birthday boy with his big 30 button?day #276

That night, I was sick again...and it sucked!!! Sunday morning I felt sooo bad and awful and was so dissapointed. I was supposed to have this big family tournement at softball, but just couldn't even stand on my feet. Guess I should've listened to my body more, before I started to go back to work on Friday... anyway, I layed on the couch all freakin' day and just couldn't really eat. In one day I lost 1.4 kilo's from throwing up and all... but the next day it was back though! LOL

So instead of some fun photo, I took this one... Lately with fall coming up, I'm really into these patterned fav. clothing colors at the moment are purple, grey & blue... here's one of my new blouses with a cute #277

Since I still felt awful and still threw up that night, I decided to stay home on Monday...again! I kept shaking in the morning and just had to sleep it off! 

Anyway Monday was my guy's official 30th birthday, so I wanted to make him a nice diner... But since we didn't really went grocery shopping, other then for his party, I had to get out and get some meat. I wanted to take his photo, but he didn't want too... He said: you already have one of me from saturday. Well ok, then I'll take a photo of the cards he got for his b-day :) There were more, but I loved these since they said: 30!! hahaday #278

On Tuesday I had to babysit our little 2nd cousin Quinn. My cousin Sylvia started working and getting an intern education the hospital close by. She loves it, the only problem is that she doesn't has a daycare spot (she will in January though), so she asked the family if we could all now and then babysit for a day. So this Tuesday was my day. At first I wanted to call it off, since I was sick, but the poor little Quinn didn't felt that good either. He was so sweet! In the morning we watched some tv since some guys came to install a new boiler for wamr water. Later in the morning we  colored, ate cookies & went for a walk to the playground... Can I tell you that there aren't any fun playgrounds here?? It sucks! Near my work there are at least 15 in the small area and here...nothing!! So instead we went looking at the workers who were making the streets wich were also very intersting! LOL  Got some grocery's and the highlight of this day must have been watching the tram (train) coming by, cause that was all he talked about after we got home... He loved it!! day #279

After we both had a nap for an hour (we slept in the big bed :)) we had a snack and went for another walk in the parc, looking for leaves and little flowers for mommy!  After we got back I tried to have a little shoot with him, but little mister didn't want to. Although I did took one photo I 275-279 107-2

And here are a few other photos I love from our day 275-279 092-2 day 275-279 170-2 day 275-279 201-2

On Wednesday I had no clue for my photo for the after I took off my new, pretty, bling-bling necklace, I had it! here it is:day #280

Since fall started I gets dark soooo early.. on one hand I like it, cause I love to relax in front of the tv covered with a soft blankie, but on the other hand I just don't. Thursday around 18.30 it started to get dark...a little early but this probably happened b/c there was some rain coming up. And just before that, the sky looked like this... On the left it was still clear when the sun went under, but on the right you can see that the clouds were piling upday #281

Friday night I went to the couple I shot the wedding pics for in June. I already finished their wedding album, but since the baby was born it got a bit late. I already finished it before the end of August, so I was happy I finally got to show them. They loved it, so now all I have to do is get it printed! :) When I drove back home and turned to enter the highway, I started pooring like crazy!!! Really, it was a scary and so hard!!! I tried to take a photo when driving, but I think you could say...this is the worst picture I took... EVER!! haha. But I didn't have time to change settings, since I needed both eyes to watch the road :)day #282

Then on Saturday it was national open house day and I've looked forward to this for weeks. Lots of houses wich are for sale had open house and you could just go there and view the house. We picked out a few houses we liked, took the tom-tom and off we went...Uhm not... Since their were working on several roads (in the weekend for G's sake!!) there were traffic jams all over our little town. eevery exit to the next city was blocked with rows of cars wanting to get out of IJsselstein. We tried every road (4) we could think of, but none of them had a quick way out!! I sucked! So we stayed in IJsselstein and looked at houses there...well houses, only one!! haha day #283

When we drove to the last possible escape, I saw this street name I regonized from when I did the big search and then we saw the house, wich was on sale! We drove on to the exit, but had to turn around cause that road was closed... So when we drove back, we both said...hey, let's just look at this one first! And I guess it was some sort of sign, or they just wanted us to check out this house... and so we did!!! We loved and got a great tour around the house. It was perfect and everything was beautiful. The house was done... had a pretty kitchen, enough rooms, a lovely bathroom, a backyard and a roof terrace!! We both fell in love... after we checked the book for the price!!! Now I knew why this house wasn't on my final list!! Like I said we're both in love...but don't want to cross our maximal price mark...casue then the monthly costs would be too high...sigh!

You know what's worse... I even dreamed about us living in that house last night!!!! I love it... I just checked the house online and saw it is for sale for over 6 months. So maybe, just a tiny little maybe, they will lower the price so we can afford it...just maybe! Cause sadly we didn't won the lottery last night! :(  I'll get in touch with our advisor and see what he thinks. If,  if... he gives us an okay to put up and offer, I will be so happy! If not....

I'll just keep on dreaming!!!!

Have a great sunday peeps... -xxxxxx-

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day # 266 - : have been putting it off...and now it's Oct. 1st!

The past couple of weeks have been crazily busy and just didn't had time to update my blog here. Last weekend I've been home for like 2 hours a day and when I got home late at night, I was too I also was on Monday & Tuesday. I worked both days, but there was something that made me feel yucky...everything hurted, had a bad headache and was sooo tired. So yesterday I decided to stay home from work after sitting on the toilet half of the night. A little stomach bug or aoemthing has hit me! In the morning I was so shaky and felt like a sack of nothing! It sucked! I layed on the couch all day long and didn't even scrapped... The only thing I did in the afternoon was putting up some of my fall decorations... Been wanting to do that for over a week, but like with everything else, I didn't have time. Today I feel a bit better and don't have a fever anymore, only my head hurts like ****, so I'm glad today is my weekly day off. Tomorrow I'm going back to work and right now... I'm going to get this ball rolling after a long week of not posting my P365 photos! Here we go...

Wednesday 23rd, day #266... I ordered something online for my guys birthday, bu I can't tell you what yet. Cause I know he sometimes reads this too and don't want to spoilt the suprise... Hun if you're reading this... haha, yeah I got a little surpirse for ya :) With that package I also got this cute little ducky to put on a key. The other ducky keychain I got from one of the kids from daycare, for day of the teacher! :)day #266

Day # 267, for weeks I wanted to stop on my way home from work by these cornfields..but never did. Wednesday I noticed that some fields were already gone and reaped..but forgot my camera that day and so I went back the next day!day #267

Friday after work I stopped by the pumpkin stand. This lady sells pumpkins & calabashes every year and I always buy some for my fall decorations. I love all the colors and that each pumpkin or calabash had it's own pattern, colors & shapes. I bought 12... 10 small ones (5 for Angela) and 2 bigger ones. She had her stand ready for over a month, but I felt it wasn't time to set up my fall decorations yet. Anymore here is her beautiful #268 

On Saturday I had a busy day... First I went to watch our little cousin Robin's baseball game, then I went grocery shopping for Sunday's high tea and later that afternoon I went to my colleagues Bahia...we went to the market, Abdel and I had diner there, drank some moroccan tea, took photos of her newly printed GC for her website & decorated the cabins in her manicure/pedicure salon. It was a fun but busy's Robin day #269 And a photo of the GC for Bahia's 266-270 077-2

Then on Sunday we had this hight tea with some old girlfriends from 'de Bilt'...the city I grew up in and where my parents still live. It was so fun and we had a blast chatting up and everything. First we had a sweet hight tea with: brownies, chocolate fondue with fruits, petit fours, cake and bonbons..Mmmm. Later after we had a walk and little shoot in the parc we had an afternoon tea... We had three kinds of sandwiches, filled pastry's, salad and cold veggies. It was so good!!! We decided to do this more often and planned another day in November... here we are having a little shoot in the parc, we had a blast! day #270

Oh yeah, you know what I for got to do...  take photos of the table with all that yummy stuff and our pretty table decorations! How stupid?! Anyway on to Monday...

On Monday after work, we had this 'tupperware' party at my colleague Mieke's place. My mom and aunt also came over and bought some nice storage containers. The mean reason I wanted to go is because of this baking thing and I was lucky... It was on sale!! I bought two other things. When my order gets here, I'll show you what I bought, but for now just a photo of the catalogue, the invitation, my order sheet & this little gift. We all got to pick out a little gift and I choose this thing to take out hot egges from the pan :)day #271

I love candles, especially these scented ones... I love it when my house smells yummy. I recently look at yankee candles and they look great, but the price tag is a bit too much for me. This particulair candle was a gift from one of the kids from daycare for my b-day and I love it. I'm going to check wether they have more flavours, but I'm sure they do! :)  day #272

Yesterday I decorated the house, well the living room anyway. I've out up some of my cute fall decorations and I love how turned out :)  here's my photo for the day and two other ones I like :)day #273 day 271- 038-2 day 271- 040-2

Now for today's photo... A few minutes ago my friend Angela left. She came over for a bit to cheer me up, so sweet! She brought a box of chocolates she got at work. We had a silly mood and had cut them all in two pieces, with the idea to have a bite out of all of them! LOL Well we did tasted almost every single one, there were about 15 or so. Some were pretty good, but some weren't that after a tiny bit of tasting we threw them out! LOL And this was the ultimate test for my stomach bug and well..kept it all inside..hehe Anyway here they #274

We wouldn't have done this with expensive chocolates though...LOL. see here's what we tossed out: Humm they don't look that good anymore, do they? hahaday 274 003-2

Well gotta go now, cause this post took up way too much time. Spend half an hour before A got here and well 20 minutes till now. I got to go make diner now...healthy diner that is! Cause I have to make up for the chocolates I eat today! But the weight loss is still going ok, I lost 2.4 so far! :) Yeah for me :)

See you soon and I promiss it won't be too long, cause posting this much...well it's just too much! :) -x-