Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day #88, 89 & 90: Beauty fair...

Ok last Sunday my mom and I have been to this beauty fair to get my eye-brows tattoo'd...well they say it's permanent make-up and it will fade in like 6 months or so...so it won't be there forever, but I love it and really it didn't hurt as bad as I thought... When she started all I asked was: 'Is this all??' uhm yeah! Well I did hurt a little after she had been working it for a bit and my skin became sensitive...but like we always say: ' who ever wants to be pretty, needs to take the pain with it!' Anyway here's the lady working on my eye-brows... it isn't the best picture though, MOM you need to practice more often taking photos :)Day#88

So we're still staying on the beauty subject for a bit... yesterday I took this photo of the yewelry I bought at the fair... I'm so in to spring right now, especially wqith the weather being beautiful the past two days... I bought some pretty necklaces and bracelets in spring/summer colors, here they are:Day#89

For today's photo I took a photo of my eye-brows, all *new'... LOL!  I love how it turned out, but it's a bit of work for like a week or so. It can't get wet and I need to put this special greasy cream on there three times a day. So I might look a bit glossy now. Day#90

They say when it's all healed, it will turn out a bit lighter. It is possible little rinds will develop there, but we'll see how it goes. When my skin is all healed and it looks like it is supposed to look, I'll take another photo! :)

For now have a great day/night where ever you are... I'm exhausted and going to bed early tonight. I'm not going to soccer practice tomorrow, so you'll see me then probably! -hugs-

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 86&87: B-day boy and new shoes!!

Yesterday Ruben, my colleagues' little boy celebrated his 3rd birthday with us at daycare. It was fun and off course a birthday boy can't go without a cute birthday hat. I asked him what kind of hat he wanted, well what do you think, he said?? CARS of course and so this is what I made him :) He loved it!!Day#86

Today was a busy day... I do have to say I feel a bit better today after tons of steaming, paracetamol, nose spray and a good night sleep! :) In the morning I went to get my eye-brows done so they would be perfect & straight for tomorrow... Cause tomorrow I'm going to get my eye-brows tattoo'd, finally!! :) I am a little nervous, but I'm sure it will work out fine...Anyway after I got those done I went to the shopping mall for a bit, cause I really wanted to some new shoes. I've been wanting new black boots, but never found the perfect ones. Today I did... and I love them! They're not too high, so also perfect for spring, here they are:Day#87

Aren't those cute?? :) Well after I got back home, Abdel was home too. We went looking at several houses we liked, since it was open house day for sellers. We went at two houses and one appartment. We prefer a house, but I kind of fell in love with the appartmen, although there are a lot of minor things about the whole thing. I mean the house was pretty, but the appartment idea. So we're just going to keep looking! :) After that we did some grocery's, got some fish and went home... Later in the afternoon we went to see Abdel's dad in the hospital...he's doing a bit better, but they want him to stay till at least Monday. Got some diner and here we are... Going to scrap a bit and then spending some quality time with my guy....

Tomorrow I'm going to this beauty fair with my mom...getting my eye-brows tattoo'd and from there on we'll see and just going to have a fun mom and daughter day! :) Will probably see you tomorrow night or Monday -enjoy your weekend, X-

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day #84&85: Got the flu???

Ok I think it's official that I again caught a nasty flu! I slept horrible last night, you could say I haven't slept at all...my throat just hurted too bad!!! Yesterday I had a feeling that it was finding it's way to my body, cause I had a headache and just felt icky. I did went to soccer practice at night, but when I came home I felt worse & worse... My photo for day #84 is none other then my indoor soccer sneakers:Day#84

So here I am today... I'm so glad it was my weekly day of today and I could just relax and hang around. I watched a lot of TV laying on the couch, but also made two pages. I wanted to steam to make all the icky stuff in my head drift off (can't think of another way to put it right now!! LOL). I bought this stuff 'Dampo' to steam with the last time I had a flu, but I had no clue where I'd put it... searched everywhere, the medicine cabinet, the closets, the kitchen, the bedroom... Really everywhere. I gave up and then when getting a vitamin sprakle tablet I found them... uhm yeah in the medicine cabinet, where I'd searched for like three times!!! DUH! Anyway I boiled some water, sat down and started steaming. I feel a bit better right now and will do it again before going to bed tonight! So here's my photo for today...pooring the bolied water into my (ok borrowed it from my mom and never gave it back, untill she said I could keep it..thanks mom, it came in handy today!!) little steamer.. The yellow stuff you see in there is 'Dampo'Day#85

Well just hope I feel better tomorrow and hope I can get some good old sleep!! See you Saturday, cause I've got a soccer game tomorrow night, unless this flu is getting worse and I'm still sick...just hope not! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day #83: A quick post...

I'm kind of tired, since I haven't slept well last night... Abdel's dad got admitted to the hospital again yesterday afternoon. They... again said he had a light stroke, but there just must be something else wrong with him...His arm keeps falling out of use and well they're keeping him there again and on Thursday there will be a meeting with some doctors and see if there's anything they can doo, to make it better... I do hope so!!

Well anyway here's my photo for today... I'm kind of on a diet since last week and it's going quiet well, although I do need some sweet stuff now and then. Once a day I allow myself to grab a small hand of these popped rice things....Day#83

They're called Manna and I've loved these since I was a little girl. I think my dad loves these too, but not really sure! :) They're covered with a thin layer of colored sugar, so only a few a day if I really need some! :)

Well will see you all on Thursday, going for the ussual wednesday recipe tomorrow... Work, diner at my parents, and soccer practice. Have a great dat tomorrow :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Day #81&82: after sun comes rain??

Well yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, we spend at the beach. This morning it looked like it was going to be another beautiful day, but around 11.00 it started raining...somehow it seemes like the kids had this feeling too today, cause they were soo busy and listening...no way!! That wasn't the deal today, I don't have this a lot, but today I was soooo relived when the clock hit 5 'o clock!! :)

First let me show you the photos from the beach from yesterday... we went with my parents, my GM, my brother and his GF. Again Baco, a friends' little doggie came along with us, but this day it's not going to be a photo about him, but what the beach is all about... Sand, shells & more... I found this pile wich included shells, sand, feathers and some little branches drifted to the beach by the sea...Day#81

Now here are just some randoms photos: beachy things, photos of us and kite surfers...day 81-2day 81 137-2 day 81 102-2 day 81-4day 81 013-3 day 81 086-2 day 81 112-2

Now on to Toyda photo, day #82... Last Saturday I bought myself some pretty tulips, since obviously my guy hardly...ok say never brings home any flowers. And especially now, with it being spring I love to have some flowers in the house! :) So here ya go:Day#82

Well will see you all tomorrow and have a great night! -hugs- 

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day #80: A new Salon!

Last week one of my colleagues opened up her own, new pedicure & manicure salon. Besides her new salon she still keeps working 2 days at daycare with us. She asked me to take some photos for her website. So today was the day. We met up at 11.30 at her house & salon and I was totally blown away, it looks awsome and so professional!!! So here are a few photos I took, first off my photo for today...Day#80

Now a few random shots I like :) Oh that's her on the second photo, Bahia...Oh yeah, I love the purple!!! hihi

day 80 011-2day 80 029-2 day 80 074-2day 80 063-2

After we took some photos, we went to city plaza together, a shopping mall in the neighbour hood. First we went to the market and got some fresh goodies, like mint, chicken (wich my guy and I had for diner, boy was it delicious!!) and then did some cloth shopping. Bought myself a new set of lingerie, 2shirts and the cutest sweather for ma man! :) We had some snacks, a drink and after worths I bought myself some pretty tulips. It was a fun, relaxed day and I loved it!

Tomorrow we're going to the beach with my mom, dad, my lil bro and his GF and so look forward to another relaxed day. I just hope the sun stays out and it's not too cold! :) Now off to leave tons of lovin' around, cause I've been kind of lazy the last week! -xo-

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day #79: I'm addicted...

to the sun that is!! I feel so good the past couple of days... Although I do have had a few nasty headaches the last three days, but somehow the sun is making it all up! Last week I took a photo of these daffodils for the W&W photo promt challenge I hosted, but well since I don't like to cheat I went back there today and took another photo. I just love how they stand next to the road in this bend....Day#79

They're there every year, but this was the first time (ok 2nd if you count Monday) I took the time, pulled the car over and took some photos. Last year I wanted too, but when I finally decided to stop there, they were all dried out!

Will be back tomorrow and have no idea for my photo yet. I do have tons for Sunday, cause if the weather stays like this we're going to the beach with my parents, my brother and his GF Kiki. So please sun, stay around!!! see you tomorrow :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day #77&78 Fit or not???

Uhm not!! Last night we picked up the WII fit at my brothers' cause I want to practice on it a bit! Here it is:Day#77

So of course I had to try it out today... Well I was kind of shocked, well not that I don't know that I'm a little overweight and the my BMI is too high for what it should be... But this was just with your nose on the facts, right? I do feel good though about starting this and I'm going to try to work on it at least 30 minutes every day! Today I took the test and trained for 40 minutes and it felt great. Althouhg I think I'm going to get pains in my side from hoola-hooping!! LOL. Anyway my WII fit age is.....Day#78

33!!!! So I'm 6,5 years too old, but I'll get to my normal age asap!! It's a fun practice and I think I can keep up if it's only like 30 mins. a day... Although I'm very busy at nights, so we'll see! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day #76: A sunny day (image heavy)

Ok I warned you... There are going to be lots of photos!! Yesterday my brother GF Kiki and I went to Soestduinen a parc with dunes and woods. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day. We took a little doggie names Baco, he's the dog of one of Kiki's friends (she also playes soccer with us). And let me tell this cutie is fun, happy, active and sometimes a little lazy, especially when it comes to bringing back the ball...but we kind of thought him how to and hope he'll remember! :) First my photo for today, of course it had to be one with Baco in it...Day#76

Now here are some random photos I took out of 220!!! LOL We had a fun and relaxing day and we should do this more often. We stayed there for like 3 hours, although we sat down and just enjoyed the sun for half of it (or more)! :)day 76-01day 76-1-2day 76-2-2 day 76-10-2   day 76-18-2 day 76-12-2 day 76-26-2day 76-6-2  day 76-23-2day 76-15-2  day 76-30-2day 76-28-2  I wanted to post the photos last night, but some really need a little processing. But after I came home from softball practice I wat too tired! :) So this morning I got sleep in for work and have to start at 11.30...so yeah. I didn't sleep in, cause I wanted to post here since I won't be in the rest of the day. After work I'm going to eat at my parents' and then we've got soccer practice. I do however have got Thursday off too, so you'll see me then! :) Have a great day and hope the sun is shining!!! -hugs-

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day #75: just couldn't resist!

On my way to work this morning, I saw this field filled with crocuses and just knew I had to stop there on my way home. Of course I did and I love how this photo turned out! :)Day#75

Nothing much else to say today...my guy wants some PC time, cause he broke his a few weeks ago!

Tomorrow I'm going for a long, fresh walk with my brothers' GF and a little doggie of one of her friends. I'm charging my camera battery's right now, cause I'm sure going to take tons of photos! I have a battery grip and two battery's on my camera, so then go a long way...but whenever I have the plan to take tons of photos, they always die on my half way through my shoot! LOL. So this time I'm prepared. It's going to be a sunny day, so I really look forward to it! :) See you then... -x-

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day #74: My front door!

Today I wasn't inspired to take a photo of anything. Then when preparing the photo prompt challenge #9 for the W&W forum, I thought why not play the #8 challenge. The challenge was to take a photo of the first thing people see when visiting. Well that would be our central hall door and to be honest, it's not that intersting. Not that our own front door IS interesting, but it's a little better.Day#74

We rent an appartment and live on the top (3rd) floor. I can tell it sucks, especially when not having an elevator here. So that means, 6 stairs up with my grocery's and all. Sometimes I get so tired of the idea and that's also one of 10 reasons why we want to move and buy our first house! :)

A little about the W&W photo prompt challenges... I can tell you it's fun and there's a new one every week. The subject can be about anything what we site girls come up with. If you play along you could win a $5 GC to the W&W shoppe, one is given away each week. So isn't that a sweet deal, like I said I'm hosting the challenge tomorrow, so make sure to check the 'Life 365' - challenge forum!!!

See you tomorrow -hugs-

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day #72 & 73: Who ordered rain??

Well not me anyway!! Yesterday was again a beautiful sunny 'almost' spring today... This morning the sun was shining until like 1PM and the weather changed. Now when I look outside all I see is rain and greyish sky! My plan was to go outside to take a photo today, but to be honest I don't even wanna go out! LOL I guess I said this a 1.000 times already, but I need to sun so bad... getting a liuttle depressed just writing down there is rain..yuck!

Now let's just get to my photos from yesterday and today. First up, my photo for Day #72. The little blue grapes are in ful bloom and as I got closer to photograph these,  their yummy scent just flew up in my nopse...MmmmmDay#72

Today's photo is also one of my inside spring decoration.. These daffodils are also in bloom and I just love this little basket. Got it from Anotinette, so after the flowers that were in there, died... I just bought some news ones and put them in there. Isn't this cute?Day#73

Now, going to sit with my guy and have a glass of moroccan tea. He just got home from his Saturday morning job! Not much else planned for today, although I do got a baby party tonight. But not sure if I'm going... Also one of the girls from softball asked me to go out with her tongith, so we'll see! Have a fab weekend and will see you tomorrow! -xx-

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day #70 & 71: twice the blossom...

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny spring day and it made me feel incredibly good! We went outside with the kids from daycare a lot and seemed they loved it too! At the playground behind daycare there's this beautiful blossom tree and really started to bloom. Since I only brought my kit lens, my colleage helped me get on this little table to get a little closer. here's the photo I took for day #70, I love it! :)Day#70

For Toyda I took a photo of some 'inside the house' blossom. Isn't this cute and really love those little nectar stems on them. So without further a do...here's my photo for today, day #71....Day#71 

For today I'm going to leave it with this about my photos. Got home late last night, cause had soccer practice till 10ish, then when driving home I called my guy to ask if he could hang some of the laundry, but he wasn't home. he was in the hospital His youngest sister had a car accident. She's doing ok now, except for heacache and muscle pains from the shock of the crash, but just glad it wasn't anything serious. So I think it was 2ish till I finally fell a sleep and my alarm clock went of at 6.30AM... yuck! Then I had a busy day at work since my colleague called in sick and well I've got extreme leg muscle pains. Been a little too fanatic with softball & soccer practice the last two days. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, going to my brother after work, eat diner there, play a soccer match and go to a birthday after worths, so you won't be seeing me here till saturday. Gotta go pack my stuff for the game, shower and party tomorrow and still have tons of laundry to fault, but to be honest I just wanna sleep! See ya! -x-

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 69: Eggs!

So yesterday I told you I decorated the little spring flower baskets with little quail eggs. Well I also filled to big vases with moss and just these little eggs and it looks so cute!!! Simple, but I like it! :)Day#69

My intention today was to go outside and look for something springy, but it kind of rained all day and the grey weather kept me inside. Well not all day, cause there were some things I HAD to do today, or else I would've stayed in my pj's and scrapped all day! LOL.  Anyway those are the rains March is known for, right? :)

See you on tursday, cause I will be out all day tomorrow -x-

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 67 & 68: It's getting closer!!

To spring!!! Wow the weather yesterday was amazing and it make me feel soooo freakin' good! The sun being out there really made my day and on top of that we had a fun day. We went out with my brother melvin & his GF Kiki, to a little  parc called the 'Rosarium' in Doorn. First we played miniature golf, after we had a drink and a little snack in the bar there, the real fun began! LOL. We went cycling on the bike for 4 people. But can't really explain and the dumbest thing of all is that I totally forgot to take a photo of us four riding it! How silly is that?? Uhm I know!!! I did took some photos during the day... day 67-2day 67-2-2This is part of the idea of the bike..two people in the front ( our guys of course!LOL) and two in the back.  day 67-4-2

Now on to yesterday's photo, day #67. This week I'm going to try to take photos of the first signs of spring and my feelings about it! Yesterday while riding this bike we found this field full with little crocus flowers and knew this was going to be my photo! :)Day#67

Now day #68: Last week I decorated my house with all kinds of spring flowers and bulbs in these cute baskets. Today I found a few of those are starting to bloom. I love to have spring inside my living room too, it just makes me feel good and brings a big smile to my face. Check out these, we call them 'little blue grapes' and have no clue how other countries call them or if you even have these... LOLDay#68

I decorated the baskets with this little quail eggs and moss. You can buy these kinds of baskets everywhere these days, but I found out it's way cheaper to just make them yourself and this way I can decorate them with whatever I like :) And it's also fun to make them!

See you tomorrow on my weekly and only day off tomorrow! Hugs!