Monday, July 27, 2009

Day #207 & 208: he got down...

On his knee...






ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM!!!!!!! Of course I said YESSSSS! :)

When he got back from Morocco, he said he had a present for me, but wanted to keep it for a special occasion...uhm what?? I had a slight feeling, but never thought too much about it. What if, that wasn't the thing...then I would've been so dissapointed. So I tried to forget about the whole present...

Then Friday he said he wanted to go out to diner last night and so we went. The diner was delicious and after we had our main course we went outside to the terrace and had coffee and ice-cream there. Then all of the sudden when we were talking, he went down on his knee and popped the question after he had said some sweet things... Well YESSS, of course I want to marry you! :)

So, after I got home, I took a photo of the ring... At the moment it happened I just wasn't able to make a photo of the moment :) So here it is... It's a gold ring, with 7 stones... the big one is light purple and the smaller ones are #207

But of course it's mich more prettier in 'real 'life...

Talking about real life... Today we both had to go back to work. It was so hard to get up in the morning after sleeping in for three weeks long! LOL. But I managed to keep up, although I'm truly exhausted! I'm so glad, I bought these comfy birkenstock slippers, cause my foot would have been so sore if I didn't wore these...LOLday #208

Tomorrow we've got our weekly day off, finally! LOL...JK, I just thought this day would be soo long, but it went fine! I do have got softball practice in a bit...but I'm just going to say hi after summer break. My head hurts, and I'm just too tired right now! :)

See you all soon! -x-

Sunday, July 26, 2009

day 205 & 206: old & fresh skin!

Mmm that's a weird title isn't it?? But you'll understand after you've seen my last two photos... LOL

Last Monday my guy went to the beach in saidia in Morocco, but mister smart pants forgot to put sun screan on!!! He got sunburned and on Thursday his burned (brown) skin started to peel of! Seriously it looks awful... This was Friday, but this morning it looks soooo much worse... That what you get when you don't listen to your girl!day #205

So that was the old skin...Now on to the new skin! LOL

yesterday I helped one of my sweetest friend Angela to babysit her little nephew Diego. This little two week old came over for a few hours. And since Angela doesn't has a whole lot experience with such small babies, I went over there to help her out. Of course I brought my camera and we had a little shoot with this cutie! here's my fav. #206 

Today I'm having antoher shoot with my sweet colleague and her little girl Anouk... The weather is great and the sun is out! So I think we'll manage to get some cute shots. Going to have breakfast now, shower and then they'll be here to pick me up! :)

Tonight my guy and I are going out to diner... And tomorrow real life starts again, when we both need to work after a 3 week holiday!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Day #203 & 204: He's HOME!!!!

And I can be any happier at the moment! I was so happy when he finally came out of the arrival hall, I cried! I missed him so much, but glad we still have a few days together before we need to get back to work on Monday.

Time flew by and on one hand I'm happy it did and I'm totally fine with going back to work...but having a few weeks off is great too. I get to do so many things I scrapping and also busy working on the wedding album for the couple who married in June.

So Wednesday after I picked my guy up from the airport, he was a bit hungry and so we went to the drive-thru at MacDonalds and got ourselves a yummy #203

It isn't the most flaterous photo, since he missed a night of sleeping...but look at his tan! He got sunburned on Monday, his shoulders are sooo freakin' red...anyway I'm just glad he's home save and sound! :)

Yesterday I gave him the present I bought for him in Italy. I knew he wanted this bracelet for a while now... But whenever he is looking to buy something for himself, most of the times he ends up not buying it, since he thinks it's too expensive! :) Well I didn't care and just wanted to give him a nice present!!day #204

He also bought me a present, but not sure what to expect. He said I'm not getting it yet, since he's waiting on 'the perfect moment' or ocassion. So I'm a little (ok say a lot) curious on what I'm getting and how long it's going to take before I'm getting it! LOL

I also give him a notebook...kind of like a journal wich I kept while he was gone. In there in wrote my feelings about how I missed and how I see our future together and things like that. He loved it and I thought it would take him forever to read... But he read the whole thing last night!  I also ordered something else for him and if all goes right, it will be here tomorrow. I so hope he likes it ad I wish I could tell you all...but he also reads this blog sometimes. So I'll tell you when it gets here and he got it! :)

Well peeps, not sure about my photo for today yet...we'll see later on! :) SYL   -xxx-

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day # 199 - 202: Tonight he comes home!!!!!

My guy that is... I'm picking him at 22.50 tonight and so can't wait to have him in my arms! I missed him like crazy!!! I'm never going to go 2 whole weeks without him again, no mather how expensive or how many 1000's of miles I have to drive... I'm going with him! On the other side I do think it was good for our relationship and I'm sure it made it stronger. Like they always say: you never know what you miss till you do, right?

Now let's get to the photos of the past couple of days... Saturday when driving home at 18.30 from my brother's house, I didn't feel like going home yet and be all alone for the rest of the evening. So I went to my SIL and her kids for a bit... I brought some ice-creams for the kids, except for the smallest one, Dina. Well she litteraly ate mine and it was so cute. A few years ago when her bigger sister Imane was about 1,5 ... I took almost the same photos of the ones I took of Dina now... Look at her mouth, and no help was allowed here!!! :)day #199

So after she ate it, it was my responsibility to put her in bath...we had so fun together... I love this cutie!

Sunday was Day #200...isn't that a milestone?? I think so! So I had this little wooden craft numbers and painted & decorated them a bit, check it out:day #200

On Monday while browsing the internet I found these cute multi colored tutu's and sooo wanted one for my photography, they are so freakin' cute!! I've got a shoot with my colleague and her girl ( 10 months.) and so wanted one of these for that shoot. I browsed all over the internet to find them here, but nowhere to find other then on etsy. I asked the lady who made them how much the shipping would be...$15!! So cause I also wanted a cute beanie hat with it, it would cost me $45... Uhm don't think so. When I was browsing google, I found a dutch DIY project on how to make tutu's. So after I showered I went to the fabric store and got me some tule... they didn't have a whole lot of colors, so I went with light and darker pink. And while watching CSI later that night, I made it... I love how it turned out, although I'm thinking about putting a silky band around the elastic, but not sure if that will work... So I think I'll leave it like this for now:day #201

Yesterday I stayed home and one of my colleagues came over to make a photo book of her trip to Cuba... When she left it was diner time and while cooking it started raining like crazy with thunderstorms. I wasn't really paying attention to it, untill I saw I left the balcony door open...Oops, uhm and the computer room window. Everything was soaked and had to use 4 towels to dry it! LOL. After I closed the door, it I opened it again!!! Ok how stupid can you be, while ating diner it started raining again...yeah you get it?? LOL, here's the result of that #202

ok ladies, that's it for now... Not sure what my photo for today, day #203 will be, but I think it will be my guy or something about him returning home! Really, I can't explain how much I missed him and  can't wait till tonight! I'm also kind of nervous for him flying and my stomach isn't feeling that good, but I'm sure all will be fine!   -hugs-

Monday, July 20, 2009

Day #192-198: Italy - July 11th-17th!

Well people I've been back for 3 days now and although there was a heat-wave there, I kind of miss the sun. The first day, when I woke could've guessed it...rain! Lots of times when you get back from your sunny holiday stay, rain is here to find you! LOL It was a pretty day today though and no rain..they say is getting better this week, so we'll see!

Anyway I'm here to show off my Italy photos... I visited my parents' there on their holiday adress in the mountain, in a place called: 'San Lorenzo in Campo' doesn't that sound pretty? :) Well since I took a lot of photos, during the week I was there, I'm going to show you two photos for each day...simply because I couldn't pick one :) Oh beware cause this is going to be a long post! LOL

Let's start with Saturday the 11th, day # 192: after we woke up, took a quick swim and head breakfast we went to Fano, to a local market there ad bought some cute things (a purse, slippers, a blouse). We also stopped by the sea, since it was pretty hot... we didn't bring our bathing suits, so we went in just a bit. I warned my dad the waves were pretty high and un-expected, but he didn't listen...LOL As he was in untill his knees, a wave came up and soaked his shorts! hihi... We walked a bit on, until we found this rocky place and asked him to pose for me :)day #192

My dad told me at night, that around 11 PM the moon comes up from behind the mountains and that I had to see it... Well since 10.15 PM he checked every 10 mins. till it came out. I tried to make a photo of this beautiful orange moon, but couldn't find anything steady, to take a photo with a long it turned out a bit moved and other then the moon and some lights, it's a bit too dark!day #192-2

On Sunday we stayed around the appartment most of the day and swum in the complex' outside swimming pool, wich was really refreshing sometimes... Kind of like our private pool, since there were only 2 other family's to share it with at the moment. Right next by the pool there was a big lavender bush and this bee was busily buzzing around #193

Before going out to diner, we drove the area for a bit and found this beautiful sunflower field. There are tons of these in the area and as they dry out, they make sunflower oil from them. This field started at the road and ended way up the hill as you can #193-2

Then Monday morning day #194, I was up waaaay tooo early! I couldn't sleep because of the bugs and warmth and so as I looked out of the window at 5.25 AM, I saw the sun coming up and had to take some photos of #194

But I can tell you it was still a bit cold out and so after an hour I went back to bed and slept till 9 AM. After we had breakfast and showered we went to 'the caves of Frassasi ', wich were truly interesting and breathtaking....with all the stalagmites and stalagtites. We couldn't take any photos inside, but I did took one of this huge picture wich was just outside the #194-2

Tuesday, day #195...Today was the local market in our little village, but it was as big as in Fano and didn't bought anything other then some grilled chicken for diner :)  This photo is taken from the terrace were we had some coffee and #195

Later in the afternoon my dad and I had put up the awning of the camper... The terrace was in the full sun and even the sun-shaed weren't enough. This worked perfect and it was the first time my dad had put it up, since they only bought this camper like a month ago. It worked like a charm... He was sooo happy!!!day #195-2

Wednesday we went to this pretty little town in the mountains and there was this cute nature-stones shoppe and of course my mom and I couldn't resist and bought some pretty stones and bracelets there...Look at all these pretty #196-2

For the 2nd photo, I just took this one of our view from up the mountain.. isn't it pretty??day #196

Thursday I went back to this big lavender plant, cause I had seen some pretty butterflies flying around, and there she (or he) was in all it's glory. I love how the background is blurried and this is one of my fav. photos I took...LOL butterfly1

Then I've got this photo from 'to me' a typically Italian sight...those pretty ornage tiled houses, with some red-fuchsia flowers and the mountains in the background...  house

Friday... already my last day in the beautiful country!!! Of course I had to take a last swim in 'our' pool, to cool down a bit before I started packing my suitcage. My mom and dad went with me and I took this sweet photo of #198

One more photo...wich is taken in 'San Lorenzo in Campo' down the hill. My dad and I went to the internet cafe for a bit, so I could have a chat with my guy... I had to take a photo of this pretty fountain...

day #198-2

Before I'm wrapping this up, I would like to thank my parents for having me over this week!!! I loved it and would've no idea what to do this week, other then just missing my guy and feeling sad! You guys have kept me going and kept my mind of of missing him... Well I did miss my sweetie, but being around you, during that time was GREAT!!! I felt LOVED and loved everything we did..the talking, seeing places and especially the sweet goodnight kisses! thanks mom & dad and you both know you mean the world to me!!! -x- Love you!!!!

Well peeps, that was my week in Italy... it flew by so fast, but I had a wonderful time. Italy is a beautiful country and if you ever think about going there...Just do it, you'll love it!!! See ya soon! -hugs-

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day #187 - 191: Ooops, oops, oops!!!

So on Friday the 10th I left for a week vacation to Italy, where my parents stayed for their summer holiday. I made a whole to-do-list two days before I left...and posting here was on that list! I waited till the last day to do this...but then.... I ran out of time!!! When my parents picked me up at thr airport, I suddenly thought of it!!! How could this have happened??? I have no clue! So I'm going to split it up... I'm going to post the 5 ayds before I left now and will post my photosd from the week in Italy tomorrow (hopefully) let's start...

On Monday the 6th, my cousin had a last day primary school and he and his classmates performed this musical.. It was so fun and loved it. he asked me to take photos for him and so I did. here he is in my brothers suit, he had two characters in the show and also did the lighting and music when he is in control of the music! :)day #187

Tuesday the 7th, day #188... my guy was packing his suitcages for his trip to Morocco, nothing special to say about this photo! :) Off course I had to check it all, to make sure he had all the things and clothes he needed :)day #188

Wednesday July 8th... the day has come for my guy leave for a two week holiday to Morocco. Well you can't really say it's a holiday cause there are lots of things he needs to take care of. Anyway from this day on I'll need to live two weeks without my sweetheart! I can tell you by now after 1,5 week that I miss him like crazy and can't wait till next Wednesday and I get to hold him in my arms again!!! :( here he is with his brother and family...and of the #189

Thursday day #189, Bfore leaving of course I had to give our little fishies a nice anc clean home... somehow it felt like they knew I was leaving, cause everytime I walked by they kept coming close to the side I was weird! :) here they are:day #190

Friday July 10th...time for me to pack my stuff and head to the #191 One of my BIL's took me there and so glad I didn't have to go all by myself! He stayed with me till I went through the checkpoint... The flight went good and so glad when I saw my parents!

My week in italy was great and so happy I went to see them.. I think I would've felt miserable when I stayed home and being all alone. It was so great to be around them... Cause I sooo miss my guy! Only 4 more nights till I get to pick him up from the airport and can't hardly wait!!! I will be back soon with my photos from my week in Italy...see you then! -xxx-

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day #182- 186: 3 weeks OFF!!!

On Friday our three weeks off of work started and it feels soooo good!!! There are a few things that make me real nervous, cause this will be the first time in the 7,5 years my guy and I will be apart for 14 DAYS!!!

Since my guy's dad has had all these attacks this year and still isn't doing all that better right now..he and some of his brothers need to go to Morocco to arrange some things... Their dad has got several pieces of land and a house and they need to put that all on the brothers' names. He's driving to morocco with his brother and somehow I wish I could come, but on the other hand I don't want to, since... he will be away a lot those two weeks and I don't want to stay in their house for two weeks and be bored. If I wanted to come to morocco, we needed to drive ourselves and that would cost about 2,000 euros...a lot of money I can spend waaaay better! Anyway I'm not going...instead I'm going to my parents started driving to Italy this morning. One day my dad said, why not come to us for a week or so..since the two weeks my guy is gone, almost of my family is... my parents, my brother & his GF, my aunt and well most of the inlaws (except one lil bro and sis from ap) are gone too! So I would stay behind and just don't want that, I need some loving people around me all times! :)

But then there's another thing..since my guy is leaving on wednesday and I'm leaving Friday, I somehow needed a ride to the airport 1,5 hours from here..but everyone is gone and some others need to work...bla bla bla.... I felt sooo sad, nervous, scared & anxious the past couple of days, untill a few minutes ago when my guy called... His youngest brother is going to take me, since he felt bad for me... Really I cried with relieve! I've been thinking and crying about this whole thing on and off the past three weeks. I found out I could go with the bus...but that would take me 4 hours and then I needed to wait at the airpiort for another 5 hours and that would really drive me crazy!!!! First I just don't like flying and then going there by myzelf and waiting all that time, I would go nuts... I had several thoughts about just NOT going anywhere and just stay home...alone!!! But I just can't do that either... I must really sound like a whiner right now, but I just need my family & friends around least a few of them!

I'm just SOOOOO going to miss my guy all this time! This year it was the first we slept apart for only ONE night and already missed him like how will this go??!! Ok, I'm going to stop right now and will show you my photos of the pat couple days, cause the tears are already coming out again :(

So let's get the thing this blog is meant for going...

Day #182, July 1st...half way through project 365 and my sweet SIL's birthday. Really I'm so lucky my guy found Kiki and I love how happy they are together...her she is, holding a cocktail my lil brother made for her...Love you hun!day #182

Day #183: It's been really hot here (between 20-32 degrees!) and since the humidity is so much worse then in other country's... Of course we need to remember to drink lots of fluits!day #183

Day #184 , we played with water at daycare since it was another hot day..the kids love to play with the little tubbs. Little Ruben here felt it was needed for my feet to get wet too :) And I can tell you, it felt great!day #184

Day #185: In the morning I went to the outdoor fabric market, to get some pretty fabric to make my first moroccan party dress. My SIL is going to take the fabric to morocco and over there they're going to make a beautiful dress for me. When it's done and after I got it from here when they get back, I'm sure going to show you! Btw this isn't the fabric I picked out...just a photo of some of thousands of fabrics! :)day #185

Day #186: This afternoon I had a fun shoot with Antoinette and her sweet family... Haven't had time to check all the photos yet and only had a quick look. This is one that jumped out and wich I truly love... after going to this parc we also went to the 'wall of fame', it's this grafitti spot where people legally can spray's so cool!day #186 

well people that's it for now... I'm going to watch tv for a bit and fault laundry in between, cause it's a huge pile. Will see you all soon! -x-