Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day #260 - 265: Only 100 days left!

Today is Day #265, that means there are only 100 more days left for project 265, 2009!! I can't believe the end is getting closer. I mean I can remember day #1 when I started this project...

Anyway let's get to the photos, cause there are a lot of them! Thursday I started making cookies for the sugarfest, for when the Ramadan is over... I made my famous peanut/chocolate cookies. I mean really, everyone loves these and always ask for them! Someone even say, they are like little drops of heaven... Uhm oh no, that is from an episode of 'friends', but it could be true! LOLday #260

The filling is from peanuts, honey, cinnamon, biscuits and condensed sweet milk. Covered with milk chocolate on one side and white with 100% pure chocolate on the other...Mmmm

Friday's are my tv nights and I always try to kick my guy out of the house... Ok, most of the times he goes out to see his friends, so I made this night, my tv night. Usually I fault the laundry and watch Law & order, SVU... Tonight was the same, I only didn't fault the laundry, but started on the decoration for Anouk's 1st birthday cake for tomorrow... I colored the fondant and made little flowers, letters and such...This is what my table looked like:day #261

Saturday, Today was Anouk's (my colleagues' girl) first birthday party and made her a little cake, all for herself. It looked so cute and Lista loved it... Not sure about Anouk though. She laughed when Lista had put the cake on the table, but she want smiling anymore after she tried it. First she had put her hands in it and started screaming that her fingers were dirty!! OMG, she hates getting them dirty & sticky! LOL When we gave her a spoon and had cute the cake open, she tried one bite... Yeah only one and almost spit it out again...It was so funny!! But luckily my colleague did like it and she ate the inside cake the day after... Here is a photo of the cake and a few of miss dont'-like-to-get-my-hands-dirty!day #262day 260-264 046-2 day 260-264 068-2 

Here is the birthday cake for the visitors... I also scrapped this cover for the cake and had it printed on there...day 260-264 080-2

Then on Sunday it was SUGARFEST (eid ul-Fitr), that marks the end of the ramadan... We had breakfast/brunch over my m=inlaws and there were lots of sweets & cookies... It was fun. But in between breakfast and diner, we were kind of bored. So my SIL and our niece Imane went to this bazar kind of market... Here are Najima & Imane, right before Imane went into this big swing thing.day #263

Then while waiting for diner, I took some photos of the nieces... they loved it and we had a lot of fun. here's one of the 4 of them. From left to right: Ilhem, Aya, Imane & Aya...the outer two are sisters...(Oh yeah notice we have two aya's...LOL, one of my BIL's forgot that his little niece also got that name when he regsitered her for birth! They are almost the same age also... hehe)day 260-264 111-2

Then Monday morning when driving to work, the weather report wanred for a foggy morning. Well I can tell you, it was! The sun was still coming up and there was this thick layer of fog hanging over the meadow land...day #264

Today, I was supposed to had this photo shoot in the afternoon. But one of my colleagues called in sick this morning and they couldn't find a replacer... So I've decided to go to work at 14.00. I'll have to cancell the shoot with the nieghbours, but I'm sure they don't mind...since the weather isn't that nice also and we can probably reschedule this to Thursday! So instead of a photo from the shoot, I took this one from a beautiful autumn bouquet. We got this from the opening of Abdel's new company building and just love the flowers and colors in this bouquet :)day #265

Tonight I've also got first aid class at work, so I'll have diner there...wich means I don't have to cook tonight! I wish you all a wonderful day and will see you soon...     -xo-

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day # 255 - 259: party, cleaning, sports & new logo

So here I am... To be honest I didn't feel like blogging today, since I've got a few other things in my head at the moment. We've been having this struggle/argument with the telcom company and they sure have some sort of plate in front of their heads and keep sending us one way, back to the other!! Wefinally made some progress today, but these people make me sooo mad!

I've also got a busy day planed today... I started making cookies for sugarfest this weekend. The ramadan is alsmost over... Then this afternoon I'm going to my guys' job, since they're having the opening of the new company building...from then I'll be driving to my parents to have diner there and have go this soccer game at 7 PM tonight...Anyway let's get on to the photos, before my blogging mood passes...

Saturday our little 2nd cousin Quinn turned two... time if really flying by. He enjoyed himself and loved to open the presents. He got this little motor from his parents and drove on it, through the whole house... Our lil' birthday boy:)day #255

On Sunday we cleaned the house, especially the bedroom and the closet. I mean we have/had so many clothes we don't wear anymore and the closet was going to explode any day now! LOL. So after we were done, we threw away 5 garbage bags of clothes and the closet looked good and cleaned...kind of like this:day #256 

On Monday after work & diner, I had a indoor soccer game. I asked one of the girls' BF to take a photo..he took three! LOL One of wich the girl (his GF) on the bottom only had a head. The second was blurry and moved and the third one, is this... Really, are all the kids like this? Mine is! LOLday #257

On Tuesday after I showered & dressed, I decided to take a photo of myself. For the record to see the difference on my face after loosing weight. Oh btw, I already lost 1.6 kilo's since I started :)day #258

yesterday at work, there was pie & cupcakes... The company I work at decided we needed a new logo. I think it's weird, since we only had the older one or two years... Anyway. The kids got these cupcakes and we all got pie with the new logo on it also...day #259  

That's it for now... going to finish the first part of my cookies with peanuts and two kinds of chocolate. I'm favous for them and everyone loves them. But well..they are soo bad for me! LOL

See you this weekend, -x-

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day # 249-254: got some catching up to do...

after a long and busy week! It was a good week though and still keeping up with my diet thing, although I have to admit I had an off day yesterday and will tell you all about that later on...

First on Sunday we celebrated my mom's birthday, my aunts' friend had picked these flowers when walking the dog during the evening.. Passion flowers...day #249

I totally forgot to take a photo of the birthday girl, and the only pictures I took were these flowers, the sky and all the guys smoking sigars, my cousin brought home from Cuba... But I liked this one best :)

Monday morning at daycare the kids wanted to color... but some pencils really needed sharpening and so I did. One of the kids threw over the tank were all this stuff was in and left a huge stain on my white jeans..ouch. Luckily it came out! :)day #250

On Tuesday one of our little girls turned two. When we celebrate their birthday with them, they get to sit on this cute b-day chair, wearing a hat (wich I made, isn't it cute? :))  and of course they get to pick out a present... Femke choose this cute beaded necklace :)day #251

On wednesday I didn't had any photos from work I could use and decided to take a photo of my scale. I try not to stand on it everyday, or else it will drive me nuts! This morning btw, it said I lost 0.8 kilo! yoohoo...day #252

On Thursday Angela and I went to the movies during the day... We're both not really thriller fans and or hero's. So honestly I have no clue why we went to this movie, 'Final destination 4' IN 3D!!! LOL I can tell you we sometimes closed our eyes, we we knew things would 'fly' at us... But it was a good movie, since it was part 4. We did saw all the others already and to be honest some parts were kind of pretictable, but it was ok... the worst part was that we had to wear these ugly, big 3D glasses... LOL. Don't we look good, uhm I mean idiot?? hihiday #253

Last night we had a goodbye party for one of my colleagues bahia at her place. She started her own pedicure salon months ago and right now she has so many customers she couldn't combine her two day job and her own salon anymore. So she's leaving us after 7 years! I know we're all going to miss her! But we decided to still hang out sometimes, like going to the market on saturday and maybe next week to this fair... She hosted a BBQ at her place and for desert we had chocolate fondue...not much of a diet, right? LOL. Well it was good and that's what counts! hehe. Before some of us left, we took a photo of all the colleagues... let me introduce to you all:

top row, from left to right: Marjolein (photographed her wedding and she's pregnant now), Mieke (works in my group, my friday colleague), Linda, Alie, Marjan, Nicolein (my wednesday colleague), Marsja & lista (my monday colleague)

Bottom row, f.l.t.r: Tamara (works at the afterschool daycare), me, Miranda (our former head manager), Bahia & Judith.day #254

We have a wonderful team all together and we all have such a close relationship... I love these girls! :)

Well Today our little 2nd cousin ( my cousin Sylvia's little man) Quinn turned 2 today and we've got his birthday party in a few hours! Congrats little man and enjoy your day! -x-

See you all later this week... -hugs- and have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day #248: Happy B-day mom & party pics.

Before I'm going to tell you how much fun we had at the festival yesterday I want to...

Congratulate my sweet mom with her 54th birthday!!! Happy birthday mom and hope we'll have a wonderful day today! This afternoon she's celebrating it with family & friends... I already send her a little message on hyves (kind of like a dutch facebook) and will call her in a bit too! Uhmm, well hold on...going to call her right now! Yeah, I sang to her...but just a little part, she wants to hear the whole song this afternoon! So I think I should clear my throat, cause it's kind of uch, uch from the shouting yesterday! LOL.. Well have a fab day mom and we'll see ya in a bit!

Now on to the lief (sweet= is the translation for lief!) festival, it rocked!!! The weather was beautiful (luckily NO rain), the music was awsome, the people were great and we had a lot of FUN!!! We went with my guy, my sweet BFF Angela, my brother Melvin & his GF Kiki, and a couple more friends from our soccer team and friends from my brother. I also met two old GF's Laurie & sarah from primary school, wich was so fun! And then of course lots of other people we know, cause well it was close by... Next year we're going again!!! For sure!! :)

Now on to the pictures... First my photo for the day, the lief logo on the entrance. Oh yeah, there was one thing, that kind of sucked! We waited an hour in line, before we finally got in!!! But we quickly forgot all about that after we heard those awsome dance vibes & sounds!day #248

Now some party pics... First Kiki...if you look close, you'll see me in her sungalsses :)camera pa 110-2

My girl Angela...Enjoying the fab music! camera pa 136-2

Just a fun pic... Kiki, Angela, Melvin & me... My brother always has to make weird, silly faces when a picture is taken! LOLcamera pa 144-2camera pa 158-2

My sweetie pie...had to show off a bit!camera pa 167-2

One of the stages when night time came...look at all the mess on the floor!! I mean I'm so glad I'm not the onw who has to clean this up! LOLcamera pa 172-2

This was supposed to be a pic of the girls: Marloes, Angela, Kiki, Samantha & me..but the guys here couldn't resist! LOLcamera pa 184-2

It was fun... we got home around 11 PM, the party was from 11AM - 11 PM, but we left a bit earlier since our feet hurt and well if we waited till the end.. It would've been real crowded, busy and a long traffic jam to get off the party area!

I'm so glad we went and like I said, next year, we're going again for sure! :) See ya lter this week, cause I've only got my weekly day off on thursday and got a lot of things planned at night too! -x-

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day # 245 - 247: stuff you put in your mouth

Isn't always as healthy as we think. I've been browsing the internet to check calories for a couple of things I love to eat & drink and sometimes I was a bit shocked. I did this for myself and my whole weight loss journey... There was one thing I want to share!

The LIGHT chocolate milk I love sooo much, isn't as bad you think/say. This is for my guy! LOL. I used to drink this little carton every morning, when driving to work... I quit doing that and I drink a 0,5 liter bottle of water now. But I have to say I miss my daily dose of chocolate milk, wich I haven't had in 4 days!  Anyways let's get to my photos from the past couple of days.

At work, around 3 PM when all the kids are out of bed, we have this table moment where they get some lemonade and 2 cookies. I used to have a cookie too, but with the dieting and all... I don't anymore. This week I brought some some little carrot balls. I'm not much of a carrot lover, but I do need to eat something during this time of day, or else I'll be very hungry by the time I get home... and before diner is done, it will be an hour later... But I ate them for 3 days now and they aren't as bad though...day #245

Since it's ramadan (<<read all about it there) we always make yummy things for my guy's family and for ourselves of course! :) On Thursday I had my weekly day off and made this little pastry's. They're filled with minced beef, onion, tomatoes and some small veggies...of and spices of course. I so love these, but they are a bit greasy. So after I baked the minced beef, I poored out lots of the grease that comes out of the beef and only used a teaspoon of olive oil, to bake the onions and veggies. And I think they came out pretty good and not too greasy at all... We had diner at my inlaws and they all loved them. My BIL didn't believe I made them...cause they were sooo good! LOLday #246

After we had diner my MIL gave me a little plate of this moroccan sweet honey pastry things, they are called: Chebakia and they are sooo good! It is pastry with a dash of cinnamon, sugar & more... baked in oil (yikes) and dipped in warm honey. Some people also poor honey over them after they are colled off. Anyway last night, when getting a drink (bottle of water) they were calling me and I had to eat one. It's full of sugar and a bit of fat, but one won't hurt, right? LOL day #247

It's going to sooo bad, when the ramadan is over, cause that's when the sugarfest starts. Tons of sweets, cookies and lots more yummy things will be made by our inlaws. And I'm planning to make a lot of things myself too. From some other inlaws we always get a plate of the things they made, but hopefully this year they will understand if I pass. It's so not good for me, when having all these delicious things in my house! :) We'll see how that goes, I can always give it away to friends & family! LOL

Haven't got a photo for today yet, cause I just woke up. Today we're going to this big dance festival. I've been looking forward to this for months and now the day is here. I only hope the weather stays dry and sunny..since they predicted rain and it's going to be a bit cold too.

Tomorrow it's my sweet mom's birthday...she wanted to celebrate it tonight, but since we and my brother and his GF aren't here, since they are going to the festival too, she decided to do it tomorrow. So we've got a busy fun weekend ahead! :) See ya soon!  -hugs-

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day #240-244: a Fall look...

Ok people, fall is just around the corner and since I still had a Spring header up on the blog, it was time for a change! I had the idea in mind, to change it every season, but summer flew by and to be honest, I didn't think of changing it before... I was glad I kept up with project 365 til now. Ok hold up, I will continue till the end for sure!! :)

So let's kick it of with some lightning!! They predicted awful weather for Friday night and it came... We had a pretty heavy thunderstorm and I finally got some lightning photos... It didn;t turned out the way I wanted and tried so many things and settings on my camera...this is the best shot that came out:day #240

On saturday I've been shopping with one of my best friends Angela... we've been friends for over 10 years and I love her very much. The contac between us has faded for a few years and we didn't saw or spoke to eachother anymore... Now since two years, we gotten back in contact and been having so much fun like back in the days. We had a great day shopping and chatting and we both bought some nice things. Here we are on the way back in the bus...(not the best photo though, LOL)day #241

On Sunday I had a photoshoot with a sweet family from work. The oldest of their two sons goes to my group at daycare. It was fun and the photos turned out great... Sad to say the youngest only slept for 30 mins. during the day, so after 15 hours he was exhausted and didn't wanted to do anything more, other then hang with his mommy and cry! Poor thing... Here's one of the photos I loved best...day #242

Monday I had to play a softball game and always hate the fact that I have to rush from work, make diner, change & pack my shower things. Well Today it was a little easier! On saturday my mom had some friends over for diner and she made them indonesian food. Luckliy for us there were lots of leftovers and she gave them to us...Mmmm, thanks so much mom, it was delicious!! Inside the little containers was: ajam padis (chicken), hot eggs, pepesan (smoked mackerel), sajoor beans (green beans), rendang (stewed beef) & rice... day #243

Today it's ...SEPTEMBER 1st, where did the time go... Only four more months till this project has come to an end. haven't decided on wether I'm going to proceed with this in 2010 yet. We'll see how things go.

From Today on, I'm going to try to eat healthy and excersize more. I already play sports 3 or 4 times a week...but it's not helping me to loose weight. So I'm going to run at least 2 times a week and like I said...eat more healthy food. On Sunday I made a deal with my parents, my GM, aunt that my cousin Syliva and I are going to loose weight before December 31st! We both need to loose 10 kilo's (20 pounds) and if we do...we made a deal that: my mom is going to buy us a new set of clothes, my dad will buy us new shoes, our GM will buy us some pretty new underwear and my autn will take us to the hair-dresser for a new coupe :) But, yeah there's a but... we both need to loose at least 10 kilo's, cause if one of us doesn't make, we both get nothing!! But this way we can hopefully encourge eachother and we will make it for sure!!!

So tonight our diner consists of mainly cauliflower, chinese noodles and a steak... I somehow got this recipe in my head and I think it will be as tasty as it sounds! LOLday #244

So trying for a new start on getting healthy and loose some weight. I wanted to start yesterday, but with all that yummy indonesian food, I decided to wait till the 1st of the new month! So if anyone has some good iead or recipes, I'm all ears!

See ya soon -x-