Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day #58 & 59

I wanted to post yesterday's photo last night, but really I was too tired and so here I am...

Day #58 is our Moroccan Tajine. It's a ceramic Tajine in wich you can cook like stew-dishes and things like that. I got this for my birthday two years ago and to be honest I haven't used it yet. I do have an older one wich I hardly ever use and come to think about it I should use it more often, cause the food prepared in this thing is always good! :) Just put everything in there like meat, veggies and whatever and let it cook on the fire...Day#58

Day #59: Tonight we're celebrating my dad's birthday with the family and we haven't bought him a present yet... Well actually it's worse. My parents' wanted some pottery for in the front yard and this present it supposed to be for mothersday, fathersday, my mom's birthday in September and now my dad... Yeah from last year!!! LOL So today my little brother and I finally went to get some...with plants of course. We bought two of the same and they're standing next to the front door. We bought eveything seperate, went to my dad's garage and fixed them... Here's what they look like:Day#59 

They loved and glad they did, cause it was so hard to find something we liked and was fitting and well wich they liked too! :)

So that's it for today... I've got to finish little pastry's for my dads' B-day party, they're still in the oven and have to make sure they're doing good! :) Oh yeah, I'm working on my week 8 page and an extra page. I just loved the color theme! :)

Have a fab weekend and will see you tomorrow! :) xo

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day #56 & 57: Happy B-day daddy!!

So ladies today is my dads birthday... He turned 55 :) My dad is really the most sweetest, considerate, warm, generous, best dad I could ever wished for!! I just have to say dad, I love you sooo much and would have no clue what to do without YOU!!! Both of my parents follow this blog too and they love it! :) So of course my photo for today, day #57 had to be about him. Tonight my mom and I cooked him a yummy indonesian diner, wich we had with the six of us. Here he is just about to start eating diner...Day#57

here's what we had for diner: Ajam padis (hot chicken), rice, green beans & hot 56 001-2

Now on today yesterday's photo, my parents' new exclusive bathroom. Really I love it and so do they. It's got a hot stream jacuzzi for 2 people, a steam/shower room & a beautiful sink. I love the colors too, white & grey. I wanted to take a photo of it earlier, but there wasn't anything in front of the window yet, other then a big cloth :) Here it is: Day #56Day#56We haven't been in the bath yet, but we're going to really soon and just relax! :)

See you tomorrow :) Hugs!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day #55: Is it coming???

Spring I mean... This morning when driving to work I noticed the first snow-flowers popping out of the ground and it made me feel sooo good! I had this smile and thoughts in my head all day about spring being near... So yeah, finally!! I so long for the sun and new pretty flowers popping out of the earth. On my way home I had to stop and take a photo....Day#55All I can say is WOW!!!  So yeah, finally!! I so long for the sun and new pretty flowers popping out of the earth. On my way home I had to stop and take a photo....

Will see you all on Thursday, will be home late tomorrow...thanks for stopping by, xo

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day #54: RAaawr!!!

Today we celebrated Carnaval at daycare, just like we did at Friday... It was so much fun and the kids always love it. Around 16.00 when all the kids are out of bed (except the baby's) and had a drink and a cookie, we're heading to our central hall. We're face paiting the kids and then it's party time. All the kids get to walk over our tables, like a little catwalk and get to show of their costumes... They all love it and always look forward to it all day, by asking ' Can we walk over the tables now??' It's so much and the kids all looked great today... I can't show you all those photos, but I can show you this little lion....Day#54Raawr!! This is Ruben, one of my colleagues' little boy... He is so cute and we had him in our group since he was just a little 4 month old. He's my little friend... He loved walking over the tables and when we told him to raw at the camera, he had so much fun...and well so did we! :)

See you tomorrow, hugs!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day #53: Flea market

So this morning at 7.30 AM we left the house to go tho this flea market... A few weeks ago we cleaned out the house & shed and had tons of stuff we wanted to get rid of. We already threw away like 8 thrash bags, but today we were going to sell all the things that were still pretty and someone else could use.... The stand was 25 euros and after we took of that money we earned 50 euros today. Not that much, but it's totally fine! It was a long day, but fun. I saw some pretty things, but ended up buying nothing! LOLDay#53

I was totally in love with these old leather suitcages, they would be awsome to use with photo shoots, with baby's and kids. But the ones on the photo here, weren't that pretty anymore. Well I do like how this photo turned out though. I did saw this one that was gorgeous and still intact, but it was 90 euros... So I thought that was a little too much! I might go back next month, since the guy who sold it comes there every month... :)

here are a few other photos I took... There was a lot of trashy things there...stuff that I would have never tried to sell. But well seems like some people didn't care. There were also a lot of antique stuff and some were just awsome. Like these old bottles, tin boxes, heads with feathers & those pretty leather gloves and these chandeliers...kind of kitchy, but they look good on the photo! :) LOLday53-1-2day53-3-2  day53-6-2 day53-5-2

So hope you like my vintage photos for today... See ya tomorrow and have no clue yet what to photograph! :) Maybe you'll see me in my pirate dress...LOL

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day #52: one more color left...

So Today is green.... On Friday my guy always brings home a big cardboard box with veggies & fruits. He works at a natural/ biological foods & non-foods warehouse. They only sell products and food without any use of chemicals and things like that. So none of the veggies or fruits are sprayed with's all natural! He brought home these green peppers and the colors were so pretty I had to make these the photo for Today...Day#52 Now some facts about GREEN: -1. Green is the color wich can describe someone who is inexperienced, jealous, or sick. -2. The word green is closely related to the Old English verb growan, “to grow”. It is used to describe plants or the ocean. -3. In America, green is a slang term for money. -4. Several minerals have a green color, including the emerald, which is colored green by its chromium content. -5. In some cultures, green symbolizes hope and growth, while in others, it is associated with death, sickness, envy or the devil. The most common associations, however, are found in its ties to nature. -6. There are lots of times of the color green like: Lime, Mint cream, Olive, Sea green, pine green, Emerald, Jade, and like 20 more....

Today was a colorful day, as it was the day of the Carnaval parade here in my home town. Carnaval is a huge festive season, the main events are usually during January and February. Carnival typically involves a public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus and public street party. People often dress up or masquerade during the celebrations. It is truly so much fun seeing all those happy, sometimes early-in-the- day drunk people... LOL. It takes months for those party people to built their wagons and some are really awsome. I must say there weren't a lot of outstanding cars this year, but we did had fun watching them and their loud music pass us by. Here are a few of the big cars, oh yeah they are all pulled by a 52 002-2 The cars all represent a theme, a lot of cars had the crisis/ recession theme...cause that's also a big issue over here. This yellow one had the lottery theme. Lotto is a game wich is played daily by those people who like to gamble a little. The next one are dancing wooden 52 011-2day 52 025-2 Also some of the cars use monkey... since our city is also know as the 'monkey city' amongst people who celebrate carnaval. In front of the parade there's always this big gorilla. These guys on their boat were really too funny!!day 52 031-2Then last but certainly not least... My colleagues' little boy Dean. My colleagues' DH plays in this street band and well this was the first time Dean went along with the parade. He turns 2 in May and this looked so cute... This little boy and his fake little trumpet walking in between all those grown-ups and doing his own little thing... He was walking, playing his trumpet and dancing to the music at the same time, without even looking up. He was there, like he was there all by himself... Isn't he the cutest??day 52 040-2

See you all tomorrow after we stand at this flea market all day looooong!!! I hope we can keep up...LOL. We just have tons of boxes with things we never use anymore and since we don't have garage sales over here, I thought let's go to this indoor flea market and try to sell some of our old stuff. We'll see how it goes! :) Hugs!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day #49, 50 & 51: colors!

Ok people, my life has been crazy busy the past few days and last night when I wanted to blog, I was so exhausted I fell a sleep watching TV on the couch around 20.00... I did woke up at 21.30, but all I could think of was sleeping and so I went to bed. I can tell you it felt great! I did took my photos each day, but since I went out every night I decided to take my photos at daycare.

So let's start with Day #49 and the color was RED! This is the fire alarm thing.... Not sure how to call it, the only thing I know is that we need to break the glass whenever there's a fire!Day#49Some little facts about the color RED: -1. In human color psychology, red is associated with heat, energy and blood, and emotions that "stir the blood", including anger, passion, and love. -2. Fire is also strongly connected with the color red, as is the sun and the sky at sunset. -3. Mars is called the Red Planet because of the reddish color imparted to its surface by the abundant iron oxide present there. -4. Oxygenated blood is red due to the presence of oxygenated hemoglobin. -5. Red catches people's attention, and is often used either in a negative way to indicate danger and emergency, or in a positive way in advertising to gain more viewers, or in nature, as a ripe fruit announces its readiness with its red color. -6. Red is one of the most common colors used on national flags throughout the world. -7. Here in Holland we have a pop group called RED! This group was made through last years tv show called: popstars -8. The most emotionally intense color, red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing.

Then on to Day #50 (made it this far! :)) and the color is: Purple. Yesterday I checked the face paint palette (we call it :smink) to see if we needed some new colors, cause Carnaval is near...Day#50So what is there to say about PURPLE:  -1. Purple is a general term for the range of shades of color occurring between red and blue. -2. In human color psychology, purple is associated with royalty, regality, and nobility. -3. In  India they discovered  a new type of frogs in 2003, the pruple frog. -4. Purple is associated with Saturday on the Thai solar calendar. Anyone may wear purple on Saturdays and anyone born on a Saturday may adopt purple as their color. -5. People with purple auras are said to have a love of ritual and ceremony.

Today is Day #51 and the color is blue! A photo of this little blue car... I thought it would be fitting since the kids wanted to sing the song : ' little blue car' (officially it's 'little red car', but we change the song to all kinds of colors, but today they only wanted blue!) a lot today...Day#51 All about BLUE: -1. Blue is also one of three of the  primary colors. -2. The color of the sky and the ocean, blue is one of the most popular colors. -3. Peaceful, tranquil blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals, so it is often used in bedrooms. -4. Fashion consultants recommend wearing blue to job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty. -5. In ancient Rome, blue was worn by the public servants, thus marking the beginning of the idea for today's police uniforms. -6. Owls are the only birds who can see the colour blue. -7. Blue was a British boyband, their most famous song was 'Sorry seems to be the hardest word' with Elton John.

So that's it for now...will be visiting lots of blogs tonight! :) And well hoping to ifnally make my week 8 page, haven't even started on it! LOL... But we've got a busy weekend ahead so won't make it too late tonight! xo

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day #47 & 48: Yellow & pink!

So first of yesterday's photo... I took this one very early in the morning, right before I went to work...Cause I've been out all day and got home at 23.30, so didn't feel like blogging anymore...

My week of colors, I wanted to do the colors of the rainbow, but realy I had no clue it started with red!! LOL, So I'm going to use several colors from any color palette, going from light to darker. This week I'm going to show you White - Yellow - Pink - Red - Purple - Blue - Green. Haven't got an idea for what to photograph in these colors yet...

So Today it's YELLOW! Uhm,& Yes it's another pretty flower a daffodil, these are standing in my living room window and couldn't resist.  I always love these flowers...Day#47

A little about the color YELLOW: -1.Yellow is one of the three primary colors. -2. The word yellow comes from the Old English geolu, The color is associated with age and aging, both with people and objects. -2. Our sun and stars in the universe have a color temperature that we characterize as "yellowish". -4. Yellow is associated with Monday on the Thai solar calendar. Anyone that may wear yellow on Mondays, and anyone born on a Monday may choose yellow as their favorite color. -5. In some countries, taxicabs are commonly yellow. This practice began in Chicago, where taxi entrepreneur John D. Hertz painted his taxis yellow based on a University of Chicago study alleging that yellow is the color most easily seen at a distance.


So now on to day #48: Today is PINK! I've his this cute comfy sweater for like 4 years now and still love it. I do have to say I don't wear it that often anymore, since well it kind of lost it's glory years ago!! LOL. I still only wear it around the house when I don't feel like going out... :)Day#48

So here's a littls sumthin' about the color PINK: -1. Pink is a pale red color; the use of the word for the color was first recorded in the late 17th century. -2. Pink itself is a combination of red and white. -3. Roseus is a Latin word meaning "rosy" or "pink." -4. In Western culture, the practice of assigning pink to an individual gender began in the 1920s. From then until the 1940s, pink was considered appropriate for boys (OK who knew this???)  because being related to red it was the more masculine and decided color, while blue was considered appropriate for girls because it was the more delicate and dainty color, or related to the Virgin Mary. Since the 1940s, the societal norm apparently inverted so that pink became appropriate for girls and blue appropriate for boys, a practice that has continued into the 21st century. -5. Pink is the color of the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon. Pink was chosen partially because it is so strongly associated with femininity. -6. Most flamingo species are pink in color due to pink pigments in their diet, mostly shrimps. -7. The Pink Panther is a popular cartoon character.

Going to my FIL in the hospital later on and have got softball practice after diner. Probably won't be posting tomorrow either since my mom and I are going to the musical 'Tarzan' tomorrow night and have no clue what time I will be home! see you soon! xo

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day #45 & 46: Image heavy!!

Ok ladies I decided to redo my post from yesterday, so sorry for those sweet ladies who left me some loving! I truly appreciate all those wonderful comments I get everyday, you all rock!!

Now day #45: Last night I babysitted Thijs & Max, Antoinette's cute little boys. Thijs used to go to my group at daycare and Max is still there, but at another group! I taught Antoinette how to digiscrap and I also talked her into to starting project 365.

Here are those cuties, taking a bath...they had so much fun and so did I making photos of them being goofy and playing around....Day#45-2  Here are two other photos, I took I really adore... First Max in the bath tub and love those waterdrops in his face...max-2 And here's Thijs and their cute puppy Beau...Isn't this sweet?? A little boy and his dog! :)thijs-2-2

So did you all have a wonderful valentine's?? Well we did, like I said we babysitted these boys and they were the sweetest. On Wednesday Antoinette asked if we could babysit, so her and DH could go out to diner. I told her I would ask my guy and would let her know. So I called her back that evening, saying we would do under one condition... If they would make us a yummy candle light valentine's diner.!!! LOL. Well Pascal, Antoinette's DH took that very serious and made us a wonderful 3 COURSE you believe that??? So here are some photos I took of it... First he decorated the table with two red roses in a vase and these candles with rose leaves around 45 013-2 The first course was Carpaccio with pine nuts, bread & parmesan cheese, a home made sauce & 45 011-2 Then the main course, really he had prepared TWO whole chickens for us...yeah JUST for the two of us!! LOL, As you can imagine it was WAY too much! He also made veggies: all sorts of peppers, oinions and pineapple from the oven... Then a yummy salade, some kind of veggie gravy for the chicken & little round patatoes. I think we only eat half of it!day 45 016-2 day 45 017-2 day 45 019-2 day 45 022-2 Pascal THANKS again, it was awsome and we really enjoyed it!!! It all looked so nice, I had to take these photos and show everyone how sweet this was!! It was very special and tasted like you've put a lot of love into this whole meal!!!  :) When I said diner, I was thinking about something simple, but really this was too much!!! So when are you going to invite us for dineragain??? JK, LOL Thanks again!!!


So on to week 8!! Wow time is flying by sooo fast!! I haven't done my week 7 page, but will do that asap, but have got an extemely busy week ahead!

This week I'm going to let it be all about colors. So here is today photo and color! Day #46: White... A beautiful flower, got these flowers from Antoinette & Pascal amongst other things for babysitting the kids last night!Day#46 White is the most natural color. Just a few little facts about this color....Light appears colorless or white. Sunlight is white light that is composed of all the colors of the spectrum.  A rainbow is proof. You can't see the colors of sunlight except when atmospheric conditions bend the light rays and create a rainbow. There are a lot of naturals things that are white such as: snow, sugar, salt, sand cotton, clouds, seasheels & more.... Fact: The sum of all the colors of light add up to white.

I probably will be posting my day #47 photo of tomorrow, on Tuesday...Cause I will be out all day and night! See you soon! hugs!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day #44: What's for diner??

Well it's pasta!!! A few months ago I found this yummy recipe on a Dutch lady her blog and it looked so incredibly good I had to try it. This is the 3rd time I made and we both love it!!!!Day#44

Here's the list of the ingredients, although I know there a couple of things in here, they don't have in the USA!

Ingredients: Penne Pasta - Leek - Brocolli - 'Rookworst', some kind of smoked sausage (typically dutch!) - 4-cheese sauce & topped with a few pine nuts.

I can tell you it's gooooood! Sadly I had diner all by myself...My guy had to leave to see his father. He's been atmitted to the hospital yesterday. He had some kind of stroke in his brains on Monday... he went to the hospital but they send him home that day. He needed to get back the next day for some tests, but nothing specific came out. Yesterday he had another one and they kept him at the hospital, cause they wanted to observe him for the night...finally! He's on meds now and doing a little better, but they do want to keep him for a few more days. So my guy had to pick up his mom at 7PM to go see his dad... He'll be here in a bit and will have a late diner this time! 

I just hope his dad will recover soon...And this will all pass, cause we had enough of these awful events the last two weeks and it's getting a little too much for me at the moment!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day #43: Patience

Well sometimes we need to have a lot of patience working with kids. Everyday we're taking care of 12 kids in the age of 0-4 years old and well it isn't always that easy! There are always a few that well try to get you worked up...but I never try to let them go that far! Sometimes I just need a few minutes to clear my head or they could drive me crazy! LOLDay#43

We once had this mom who totally understood how hard it can be, so when her little girl went to school she gave us this book with fun quotes about 'a thousand ways to patience'. To be honest there are a lot of people and even parents who think our job being a teacher at daycare is easy! They think that all we do is sit on our behinds and watch them play...Well I can tell you we don't!! There's just too many things to be done everyday and we're always on the go and taking care of all those little ones! A few years ago we found this poem kind if thing about working at a daycare... I'll make a copy of it one of these days and will try to translate the thing. It's just soooo on! :)

My intention for today was to take a photo of the full moon, but I can't find it anywhere... It's kind of cloudy today, so I guess it's hiding. Hopefully it will show up tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day #42: Ice crystals...

When I walked to my car to go to work this morning, my front car window was covered with these ice crystals. I grabbed my ice scratcher, but I wasn't coming off at all...Day#42

So I turned on my blower to full heat and just waited... While waiting for it to start defrosting, I thought why not take a photo of this for today...And so I did!! The nieghbours must have thought I'm crazy...taking a photo of your frozen car window at 7 in the morning, using a flash!! LOL

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day #41: Milka...

chocolate rules. I love this one with the peices of hazelnuts in it. It's so good and if I could I would share it with all of you... But as you can see there are, uhm...were only two pieces left when I took this photo and now they're all gone! Yup I ate te last two pieces all by myself! LOLDay#41

Sorry about that... but I have to tell you I didn't ate this whole bar by myself. LOL I've had for a week and shared it with my colleagues. Brought it back home this weekend and well I needed a little comfort food! I bruised my enckle when I was about to go change for softball practice. It kind of hurt and started swelling so I stayed home for practice. I cooled it and also this chocolate made me feel a little better! LOL

Yup!! I've been tagged!!

* Link back to the blog (s) that tagged me: Biancka, Debra & Gail, so here we go!!!

** I'm supposed to list six interesting things about me....but I can tell you this is going to be hard! LOL

1. I once broke my little finger, wel actually my little brother did... but he's always been in denial!! LOL Since a couple of months when I'm waking up, my little finger had crossed way over to my middle finger and I guess it stayed there for the night! LOL. Pretty weird huh, yeah guess I am a little weird! :)

2. I always need to have a glass of milk with every meal I eat. I just loooove milk and wouldn't wanna live without it!

3. I had a car accident with one of the cars from my dad's garage one day after I got my drivers license!!! Yeah I know, but it wasn't my fault! Some car behind me speeded and couldn't stop before this nasty curve and well I saw him coming closer and just got I turned my wheel and ran into this pole along the side of the road. I called Abdel (we were just dating for 3 days) and he totally laughed at me!! Although not sure if this whole little story in interesting! hihi

4.  I speak several languages: Dutch of course, English, German & French...although those are a little rusty by now!! Arabic, but hard to have a conversation with someone who speaks it, cause they always talk waaay too fast! Then I also know a little berber, wich a dialect for arabic, my inlaws speak! >>>

(Ok Karen, sorry I stole this from you! LOL, running out of inspiration here!)

5. I love butterflies in every way. Of course the real ones, but it's hard to catch them when they always fly away when I get near. But also love fake ones! My toilet is filled with plastic, plaster and all other kinds of fabrics butterflies. Everyone always loves my lavatory! :)

(are we there yet?? LOL)

6. Ttwo of my cousins and I (and I think my GM has it too), all have the same birthmark. It's right above our bottoms... we discovered this like a year ago and just thought it is kind of funny! :) (Just couldn't think of anything else right now)

Now I need to tag 6 other people:

  1. Tracy
  2. JanMary
  3. Teresa
  4. Sonja
  5. Kimberley
  6. Domad

See you all tomorrow...or maybe thursday, depends on the time I get home tomorrow, but will be late I think! xox

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day #39 & 40: lots of photos!

Yup missed posting a day and got a little behind schedule! Cause I've got yesterday's and today's photo to show and well haven't started my week 6 page yet, but will do that tomorrow for sure!

It's been one busy day yesterday, first I went to the zoo with our niece nephew and my SIL. It was fun, but the weatjher was a little cold and greyish!  It was this safari zoo were you could take the car and drive close by to some of the animals. There was also a normal zoo part there... The animals we saw there I love most are zebra's. Just love those beautiful patterned stripes and they way they move... So here's my day #39 photo for the day!Day#39-2

We came home late last night after diner with my uncle and aunt and just got home too... It's now 22.00 and just didn't feel like processing any of my photos, cause my throat kind of hurts and I'm just too tired. I only added my mark to the photos. But I do want to show you a few more of the zoo photos. So remember they all came out of my camera just a few minutes ago!zoo day 39 037-2 zoo day 39 046-2 zoo day 39 079-2Day#39  So there they are: najima, Appie's sister, Imane & Aatik! :)zoo day 39 117-2 zoo day 39 138-2  :)zoo day 39 149-2

Now on to today's photo: Day #40: After work we had a refresher course for first aid. We have this twice a year and it's so helpful... But this morning when I went to work I totally forgot it was was kind of bummed I had to stay at work till 21.00 instead of till 17.00. But I managed, but totally exhausted right now! We refreshed the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on these baby, infant and kids dolls. here's my sweet colleague Marjolein precticing on one of the baby's...They call her Anne...Day#40

It's always a good thing to have this refreshing course twice a year, cause well you probably know what to do when you REALLY need it, but after a long day of work I always have to think just a little harder, but we all did fine! :)

Will leave lots of loving in the morning on my day off, but gotta go get some sleep..didn't have a lot os sleep this weekend and sooo tired! Oh yeah I've been tagged by Biancka & Gail and will play for sure tomorrow!! Hugs!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day #38: NON processed!!

Really I'm not kidding and din't do anything to this photo. The sky really looked like that @ 18.00 PM this afternoon. I had no idea for a photo, but when I was driving to the grocery store with my SIL we spotted this and just had to take it! :)Day#38

Didn't brought my tripod so put my camera on the car and just that as a steady underground...used a long shuttertime for this! :) Hope you like it...

Tomorrow we're going to the zoo with our niece and nephew...then go bowling with my parents, my brother, his GF, my aunt, uncle and little cousin and then having diner together...I really need some time of and just do fun things. Going to be hard to just pick one photo! :) See you then! xo

Oh have one more little goodie I have to share....A5D_ArtistTemplate_Petra

Yoohoo, I'm now part of the A5D site creative team..also know as the creative genius'. Isn't that awsome?? I'm still so honored and so fun to see a couple of formiliar faces there, Hi Sarah! :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Day #37: Used a lot...

Of these tissues this past week. Day#37 Today was the funeral and it was very emotional, hard and still so unreal! I'm still full with unbelieve, such a young man took out of this little boy's life. There are still sooo many questions unanswered and wonder if we ever find/hear those. I hope we can all give this big loss a place in our hearts! Rest in peace Dennis!

Now I'm just going to relax, clear my mind and just watch TV, Popstars is on... xox

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day #36: Oh the smell of these...

Yeah they're blooming in full glory... my hyacinths that is! :)Day#36

They are beautiful and the smell they produce is truly incredible! I love coming home from work...when entering my living room this lovely flower aroma comes my way. Mmmm they bring a little smile to my face these days!