Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day # 363 & 364... The LAST day is here!

OMG, I can’t believe this wonderful project is over... well almost!! I haven’t taken my photo for today yet. I did take a photo, but it’s just a little preview of what’s coming tonight...well make that tomorrow! I’m not going to be home tonight, cause we’re celebrating at my parents’... I so can’t wait for 2010!!

A new adventure and a new round, starting project 52! I can say I’m a bit excited to start with it... but on the other hand I’m a bit emotional (and don’t ask me why!! LOL) about closing this project 365! It’s been a fun year and I’m so glad I took the plunge and started this. I mean, who knew I WAS going to finish this?? Well not me anyway! I had hopes, but...well all I can say is that I’m sooo proud at myself for keeping up and I finished ‘PROJECT 365’

This isn’t a goodbye, cause I will be back tomorrow and I really hope that some of my followers (especially my mom & dad) will make their way over to my new blog: ‘Round II, Project52’

Now let me show you those pics from the last couple of days!

Day # 363, I took this photo of all the Christmas/Newyear cards we received... There are two special cards there. Well for me they are. I recieved a card from two online friends and I so love the fact they’d send me one. It just felt really special... Knowing I’ve got friends all over the world!!day #363

Day # 364, Remember I made my mom a weekly planner?? Well I finished mine too! it’s not completely finished, cause it’s missing some photos and more flowers. But the front and back are done and I love how it turned out! Here it is:day #364day # 363-365 005-1

Day # 365, Sorry... you’ll have to wait for the real photo!!! But I am going to show you a little preview...

On my guy’s 30th Birthday I gave him 4 of these flying laterns. But since it was raining and both the day we had the party & on his birthday...we kept them. The plan was he could lit three of them, one for each of the 10 years of his life.. and with each of those he could make a wish. The 4th one was for the both of us, to make a wish together and just celebrate the life we have!day # 363-365 007-1

The plan is to light them up tonight and my guy can still have his three wishes! I really want to light up the 4th one together, right after OO.OO o’ clock and make us a wish for 2010!

When a new year start we always say: ‘this is going to be our year’... but to be honest I never felt that way! For 2010 I’ve been having great feelings. I’m not saying our life isn’t good at al..but I know & feel it can be way better!

*sigh* writing this down, makes me a bit emotional....

So...Now, let’s just get ready for the new year!!! I want to wish each & everyone of you a beautiful 2010, with lots of love, health, happiness & joy. And of course I hope you’ll make it a year full of photos & memories for all your loved ones! May 2010 be one of the best years so far!!!!

Lots of Love,



biancka365 said...

Allereerst....gelukkig nieuwjaar !!! Wat fantastisch van je dat je Project 365 hebt afgemaakt :) Ik ga morgen weer beginnen en ik ben benieuwd of ik nu verder kom dan 6 april. haha

Ik zal je nieuwe blog ook bookmarken en ik ga 'm zeker volgen !



Flohbock said...

Happy New Year!

bentonflocke said...

Happy New Year!!!!

Love your pictures and can´t wait to see your new project

Scrappy Smile said...

That planner looks awesome!!! Love paper- and hybridscrapping as well and this is amazing!!