Friday, January 1, 2010

Day # 365...2009 has gone forever!!

So it’s january 1st 2010!!! I hope everyone had a great newyears eve, cause we really had a blast and stayed up till the wee hours! We went to bed around 4/4.30 this morning and didn’t came out untill 2PM-ish :) It was a great night, but well a new year has knocked on our doors!

I’m here to show off my last photo of the year, my last photo for my Project 365 – 2009! I showed you a little preview yesterday of what was coming... well here we go!

Around 23.30 we lighted the first flying latern... it didn’t went really good, cause it was a little too windy and ended up in one of the trees at the end of the street! But it looked beautiful either way! LOL We all just hoped that the tree wouldn’t catch the fire...yikes, but gladly it didn’t! Here we go... My guy lighting the first latern, right after he made his first wish...oud-nieuw 022-1

And... Since the wind was still blowing when he lit the second one, he waited till the wind layed for a minute and it worked!!! Right after a small struggle of finding his way up in the air... of it went! So here’s my photo for Day # 365... flying up in the sky! It was such a cool thing to see and we saw it flying off for a few #365

I also took some more photos of fireworks. Last year I used my tripod and decided to try it this time without... and I love it! There were a lot that weren’t good though, but these are my favorites...oud-nieuw 058-1oud-nieuw 163-1

Well, again I’ve decided this isn’t the end. I really want to do a final wrap-up post and higlight some of the things & photos which really meant a lot for me! Not sure when I will be back, but it will be before Wednesday, when I have to get back to work... Yeah I’ve got 4 more days off of work!!!     -hugs-


bentonflocke said...

wonderful pictures of the laterns and the fireworks!!

Flohbock said...

Happy New Year!

tconlan said...

absolutely beautiful!!! Congratulations on a year of wonderful photos!! Happy New year!

JoAnn Stringer said...

The lanterns are beautiful. Such a nice tradition!