Friday, December 25, 2009

Day # 355 – 358: Merry Christmas!!

yeaah it’s Christmas!! I want to wish everyone a merry christmas, spend with family & loved ones!!

We’re going to my aunt & uncle (my mom’s brother) this afternoon and will celebrate Christmas with my moms’ side of the family. There will be 20 people and it’s not even the whole family! This kind of was a last minute thing and some family already had plans. The last time we celebrated Christmas together was when my GM was still alive. She passed away in March 2006 and we haven’t celebrated Christmas together ever since, so that’s 4 years ago. We do have our yearly family day in June, which is always fun! I really look forward to this afternoon and I’m sure it’s going to be great!!!

Now on to my photos from last week...

Monday, my guy and I went to this beautiful hotel somewhere in the forrest in Roermond. Before we went there, we first went to this big outlet center....We both have/had this week and needed some sweet time together! So I booked this hotelroom, wich was great! Turned out it was a honeymoon room! LOL When we got in the room, the whole suite was filled with rose # 355-356 013-2

After we checked out the room, we went to the city to have diner.. well we totally forgot that most of the restaurants are closed on Monday’s! Yikes... so we drove to Venlo and went to the casino. We decided to have diner there. The casino was beautiful and guess what... my guy gave me some money after we had diner and said: well you only need one 10 euro paper. Mmm what?? Well I went on the first machine and well, he was right!! I won 250 euros right away! he also won another 50 euros later on. How awsome is that?? :) Here’s the casino by night! day #355

When we got back to the hotel, I loved the light there...and with all the snow there, it looked pretty!day # 355-356 008-2 

After a nice breakfast in the hotel, we packed our stuff and went to this ice-sculpture festival. day # 355-356 023-2

It was so beautiful, but within 15 minutes we were already outside again!! But wow, what a work! The sculptures were amazing and so well cut! here’s the hunchback of the notre dame.. all sculptures were from classic # 355-356 043-2day # 355-356 063-2>> Gullivers travels, see all those tiny figures all over him? :) it was pretty hard thought to get a good photos os these shiny objects! And here’s Frankenstein>>day # 355-356 053-2

  My photo for Tuesday, is one of us!!! Yeaaah! I’m not sure, but I think this is the first photo this year of the two of us for my project 365... it’s a shame, isn’t it??!! LOL Here we photo for day # 356, my sweetheart & I :)day #356

On wednesday I went ice-skating with our nephew Aatik and two kids of Abdel’s cousin: Laila & Faris. It was fun and it was Aatik’s first time ice-skating! He loved it!! But it was kind of hard... Luckily there were these metal bar things, he could use. Look at that smile on his # 357 006-2

Of course I took a photo of the three of them... for Day # 357day #357

Yesterday I took a photo of my new sneakers. I bought these at the big outlet center in Roermond on Monday and I love them! I wanted such sneakers for a while, but never found cute ones. Well I did now and love these #358

Those were my photos from last week... haven’t shot a photo for today yet, but I’m sure I’ll take lots of photos later on, during our fancy Christmas diner! :) Tomorrow we’re having a diner with my parents, grandma and uncle, aunt & cousin...

Oh yeah... I’ve made a decision about wether to continue with ‘project 365’ next year. I’m not going to... but... I decided to go with a ‘project 52’ of my own!  I'm going to highlight one photo or subject for every week, wich really meant something to me. It can be anything! But of course I'm going to share more photos & stories, then just the one from my weekly highlight. I already made a new blog, wich you can chekc out here: ‘Round two, project 52’

Also since I’m not going with project 365, I decided to make a fresh start with a scrapping blog. I had one, but kind of neglected it when I started ‘365’ a fresh start ad a fresh new blog of course! You can find it here: ‘Past & Present scrapping’

Well peeps, enjoy your Chrismtas and will see you soon! –hugs-

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bentonflocke said...

wow what a romantic time you had - love the picture of you two. And the ice sculptures are fantastic.

I´m glad we didn´t loose contact after finishing your project 365 - I´ll follow your new 52 project.

Merry Christmas!!