Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day # 351-354: Let it snow, let is snow…

Our sweet little country is filled with a tick layer of snow. I started snowing on Thursday and the traffic was chaos around here. Today it’s still snowing, I mean we’re in Holland here… have we ever seen so much snow in a few days of time! Well, I can’t remember anyway! It is nature at it’s finest! I love snow, although I don’t really like the cold though! LOL Anyways beware cause there are a few snowy pics coming your way! :)

Thursday, I had an appointment at this beauty salon 30 mins. from here, but decided to go anyways. I was glad I did… On my drive over there I stopped at this road, wich had all these trees along the side and loved the look of it. I took this shot and really love the trees here! :)day #351

Ok hold on… I thought this was the first time it snowed this year, but all of the sudden I remember we DID had snow, early this year! It was on day # 7 :)

On Friday I worked again, after being sick since Sunday. I do feel tons better now, although the past couple of these have been cold and still not fully recovered. Anyways…my colleague brought her little boy to work. He usually goes to his GM, but she fell and bruised her hip… so nothing else to do, then brining him to work. He is so cute, but a little naughty too. He loved the snow and I loved his adorable cute cap!!! Don’t you?? Well he just IS cute in every way… those big brown eyes and that sweet face! day #352

Since Saturday I’ve got a new morning ritual. The girl I went to for a beauty treatment on Thursday advised me to clean my face better. My skin is pretty ok, but she said it could be even better! So I bought some new facial products from the same line. I love HEMA!!! LOL I bought: day facial cream, night facial cream, smooth cleansing tonic, cleansing milk, facial mask & scrub cream. I don’t have to use it all everyday, but somehow I can slightly see the difference already! LOL Let me introduce my new facial products:day #353

Oh yeah, before I forget!!! I went to the hair dresser yesterday and she has cut off at LEAST 30 cm off of my hair and I love it!!! My guy was a bit shocked at first, but he also loves it. I wanted to take a photo, but haven’t shot any yet. So will do that somewhere this week. cause we’ve got enough time!!! We’ve got this week OFF OF WORK!!!! The both of us!!!!! Yoohoo!!!! :)

Now Today, Day # 354. When I woke up it was still snowing, i should I say…it was snowing again! LOL And everything was white. When we were going to make breakfast we saw the balcony was filled with beautiful fresh snow. I decided to take a ruler and place it in the snow…well be both guessed it right! We thought it was about 20 cm. The be exact it was 21!!! Can you believer that. 21 cm of snow, here, in holland, in december!! If all goes right, we might even have a white Christmas. The last time we had a white Christmas… I wasn’t even born yet!!! Although I was in my mommy’s tummy!! LOL. It was the Christmas of ~ 1981 ~ So I really hope we’ll get it! Anyways here’s the ruler in the snow on our balcony! Although it’s probably a bit more by now. Hold on… I’ll check real quick!  Yup it’s 24 cm right now!!day #354

Well I think that’s it for today… My guy just got home with some pizza’s. They didn’t deliver because of the slippery roads, so he picked them up…

Tomorrow we’re going away for a day. First we’re going to this big outlet mall in Roermond and there’s also this ice-sculpture festival. Around 4 PM we can check-in in a hotel. I booked a night away in this romantic hotel with a jacuzzi. Then we’ll have diner somewhere and we might go to this christmas fair thing. In the morning after we had breakfast in the hotel, we’re going sight-seeing Roermond… I so look forward to this and I’m sure it’s going to be great!! Will see you all before Christmas! –xxx-


Flohbock said...

Best wishes for a peaceful Christmas for you and your families!

bentonflocke said...

I´m glad you are feeling better now.

wow so many snow! And the picture from the boy with the big brown eyes is soooo cute!