Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day # 338-341: Alert: Image heavy!!

Ok so the problem is fixed… I’m so happy to tell you I switched from ACDSee photo manager pro 2.5 to pro 3!!! I work as an evangelist for ACDSee and when I told them about the problem, they send me a the newest pro 3… I’m so happy with it, although I still need to get used to it, but it’s awsome!!! So I removed the old pro 2.5 wich caused the problem and all was good!!!

So here goes… I’m going to show you pics from the past couple of days. The title says image heavy and it will be! I want to show you some pics from our sinterklaar (st. nicolas) celebration we had on Friday the 4th. We all had to make surprise gifts and a poem wich was connected to things in peoples’ life and the possible gifts…inside those surpirse gifts were the real gifts hidden. It was so fun!

But the evening started a little different with a toast and I’m about to show you my photo for Day # 338. My sweet brother melvin and his GF Kiki bought a house. This day they got the key to their new house!! I’m sooo happy for them and of course we had to toast with some champagne!! Don’t they look happy??day #338

After some buffet diner (mom & I made) we started with the gifts. My guy was the lucky one who got the first gift… Oh no, hold on… It was the little Quinn, my cousin’s little boy. It was getting late and the boy got tired, before we had diner he got a gift. We bought him this book and as you can see by the look on his face, he loved it! :)

day 337- 092-2 

Then let’s start with the surpise gifts… my guy got this boxing bag, since he started kick-boxing a few months ago and really wants one of these… well he got one, from cardboard anyway! LOL Inside there was a DVD from this comedian and a giftcard from a fab clothing store. Here it is:day 337- 116-2

My dad of course got the plane I made him… inside were hidden: a brown leather belt and some hot scrub from ritualsday 337- 133-2

Next up: Kiki, she got the kitchen we made for her… inside were hidden: an Ikea giftcard, a bracelet & a beauty facial mask.  day 337- 152-2

Then it was my turn… I was so curious, since when I got it, it was sinde this washing box, cause it needed some protection. The poem was great, but surpirse gift was truly awsome. I got this house (since we’re looking to buy one) made out of pepper cake. The roof was made out of pepper cake too, with pepernoten & M&M’s stuck to it… It was so creative, I really ,really loved it! I decided to use this pick, so you could see the gifts were hidden under it… As gifts I got ‘jamie oliver’ flavour shaker & a chocolate fondue set… inclusive choclate, of course! LOLday 337- 180-2

My sweet mom got this vase, made out of cardboard covered with silver foil. Inside were a vase & some pretty purple earrings.  day 337- 189-2

Then it was my brothers’ turn… My dad bought this sweet 70’s doll house. He closed it off with a front & screws, so he needed an screwdriver to open it. isn’t this doll house cute??  Inside there were cd’s + covers, a book to read on the toilet (a toilet book, LOL) and some rituals bathshower…day 337- 208-2

My cousin BF Peter got a home-made bjorn borg boxer shorts, wich my mom had sewn. It was almost an excat copy, with the real tag in it. He got a wallet & some real bjorn borg boxershorts day 337- 223-2

My sweet cousin Sylvia got something fun… she recently started nurse school and she’s doing great. With the mexican flu and all my autn made her this… But before she got to unwrap the box, she needed to wear this nurse clothing, it was so fun! Inside the box was this big injection needle…. she got a few gifts along the way like: perfume, a calendar & a daycare diart for Quinn…day 337- 237-2

Last but not least, was my autn Yvonne… Kiki made her this ‘prison break’ box…A few months ago, Yvonne borrowed a dvd box from them and said she had returned it. Well after months it was still missing…one day she found it, I believe somewhere in the back of a closet. So this was also another fitting gift. But Kiki made her suffer and filed the whole thing with construction foam (can’t find the real translation) and it took her like 10 minutes (or more) to get all the gifts… As gifts she got: candles & a copuple more, but can’t remeber…

It was such a fun night and we shared a lot of laughs (& a few tiny tears)… I’m glad everyone loved the gifts, poems and surprises!

Now back to normal life… On saturday we went looking at Melvin & Kiki’s new house, since we haven’t saw it yet… This might be a weird photo, LOL. The house they bought needs a lot of work. They are going to place a new kitchen & bathroom. Since they’re also expanding the bathroom, they needed to look at the plumery. This old thing is going to be replaced with a whole new watering system wich is on the ceiling and on the floor of the new bathroom… Kind of a weird explanation too, but have no clue how to translate all those technically things with building and re-constructing a house…LOLday #339

On Sunday we went over the help them out… I filled little holes in the walls & window frames and we also helped with smoothing all wooden things. here’s my guy smoothing out the doors of the bedroom… I love to see my guy at work! :) He can practice before we buy our own house! LOLday #340

Yesterday… I found this at the floor this when coming at work…. little black paper cut hands & chocolate money :)day #341 

Seemed like sinterklaas also visited work over the weekend. We all had to place our shoe in the break-room and well all of them were gone. Zwarte piet had secretly hidden all the shoes, all over the place! And it was quit the search to find my own shoe, wich was hidden in some shelves… here are some of the filled shoes. We got this little piggy bank and poem.day # 339- 013-2

I also took my photo of the day for today…but need to edit some of them. I had the honor to photograph my colleagues’ little boy Tigho, who was born three weeks ago. he’s such a little cutie with his pretty red hair! :) I will be back on Thursday to share the pics! See you then!! –x-


Sandra said...

Super fotos!!

bentonflocke said...

wow, your sinterklaas party looks so great seems you had a fantastic party!! and so interesting and different selfmade surprises WOW

wish you a great and blessed christmas time