Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day # 342-345: introducing…

So it’s already Saturday instead of the Thursday I said I would be back… but I’m here now! Still short on time… but well that’s life!

Let’s start this off with introducing the little baby boy Tigho. He’s my colleagues’ son and we had a fun shoot this Tuesday… He was fine, but we really had to make comfortable in every way. To be honest, I like some of the photos..but my expectations were a bit higher. We already decided to do it again, but not sure when. On one hand it seemed like he was too old already for a newborn shoot and too young for a normal baby shoot… anyways, first off my photo for the day and a few others I liked. Some of these were edited with some fab textures & overlays… but also loving my photoshop CS4 and Sara’s stunning actionsday #342tigho 021-3-2tigho 051-2-1-2 tigho 093-1-2 little red hair

Then on to day # 343, wednesday dec. 9th. Last week I ordered this cute elf hat from JJ – Lily designs. She made these cute hats for scrapbooking kits and for her pretty lil girl of course and now she decided to seel them. They are the cutest and I really had to have this one: ‘Violet bell elf hat’. And it only cost my $20 including shipping from the USA. If you want one, hurry cause there are only a few left! day #343

Thursday afternoon I had a little shoot for a christmas present.  A friend wants to print this photo on canvas… it was fun, although the little Diego didn’t felt like laughing… well he did, when the camera was gone out of his face!! Little rascal. But this photo turned out pretty ok, right? She wants black & white, so…day #344

On Thursday we filled in some paper for a new house project. They’re going to start building jan. 2010 and we were interested. Friday during my break I went to drop this off at the real estate office and when I got home, I took this photo… it’s the groundplan for the project and some of the info books…day #345

haven’t got a photo for today yet…I’ve got a 18th birthday party shoot tonight and will use one of those…or I’ll take a photo of the tree in front of our living room window, remember X-marks-the-spot…well it’s gone!! They took it down when we were at work yesterday and only noticed this morning. Well we’ll see!

Tomorrow I’m going to a friend, unless I still feel yucky like I do now. I’m coughing anf got a sote throat. If I’m not going, I think I’m going to finally… decorate our living room with christmas prettieness! :)

Now I’ve got to clean for a bit, take a shower & get some grocery’s… will see you all soon! –x-


bentonflocke said...

OMG is this boy cute!!!

Love all your shots of him!!

Hope your coughing and your sore throat will be better sooon!

Have a wonderful 3rd.Advent

Scrappy Smile said...

WOW! I loove those children and babypics!!!