Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day # 346 – 350: Cold Christmas

First of it’s pretty cold the past couple of days and on top of that… I really got a nasty cold/flu thing. It started last week and just didn’t felt too good, but was doing ok…untill Sunday night. It got through with: headache, sore throat, ear aches & a snotty nose. I just felt awful… When I woke up on Monday it was even worse and called in sick. Tuesday was my day of and also called in sick for today. I’m doing much better now, due to nosal spray, para-cetamols & vitiamins boms… But still not my old self!

Anyways, enough whining let’s get on with the photos. First of Saturday.. I had this 18th birthday party shoot at a very nice loaction. The place was beautiful and the decorations were amazing. In the front hall there was this pretty Santa and the surroundings were perfect!day #346

Remember.. X, marks the spot! Well the tree is gone and to be honest it’s kind of bad. I think it was much prettier with the tree still there…but no way back now, right?? I took this photo from our window, since I was sick and it was way too cold! LOLday #347 

On Monday, I was completely exhausted and just felt awful. All I did was sit, lay down, sit, lay down & sit again… Oh yeah while blowing my nose, using nosal spray and taking paracetamols!

Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck… did I say YUCK already??day #348

On Tuesday I finally finished our Christmas tree.. I started on Sunday, but it just didn’t work! I really, really love how it turned out. It’s got lime, white & silver balls with white snowflakes, silver stars and 2 silver butterflies. At night I decided to take some photos… so grabbed my tripod, remote, my camera & 50mm f/1.8 lens. before I’m going to show you my pics, I want to share some tips about photographing your Christmas tree…

Here they are:

1.) Use a tripod (or beanbag), for a steady shot   2.) Use a low aperture (between f/1.8-16) or a long shutter speed, to make the lights  sparkle!  3.) Taking a photo when it's not too dark gives your lights the best glow!  4.) Use a remote (if you have one) or use the camera's self timer.

Now let me show you our tree… I took this shot with the following setting: 100 ISO – 24MM – f/14, using my 50mm f/1.8 lens.. and see how pretty those lights sparkle?? I love it!
day #349

Then I remebered this fun DIY project about making your own bokeh. It is so cool… I made two thin cardboard lens covers, one with a heart & one with a star. isn’t this the cutest you’ve ever seen??? I’m in love with this simple little diy cover, it rocks!

With hearts…kerstboom enzo 052-2

With stars…    kerstboom enzo 064-2

if you want to try this, you can check out the bokeh DIY project right here:

Oh and while we’re still on the Christmas tree subject, let me tell you about this challenge. I’m hosting a fun ‘show us your Christmas tree’ challenge at after five designs. This morning while wanting to show everyone my tree and the fun I had with taking photos. I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to make it a challenge and so I did. I asked the fab designers at A5D if they would sponsor and they said yes! So far we have 4 prizes, wich means 4 winners. But I’m sure there’s more to come!!! Check it out!!!

Now on to the photo from today… This morning I thought it would be fun to make another photo of the tree, but with daylight and it’s a close-up. But I have to say, I love the one from last night more!! :) Anyways, here it is… see the sparkles?? day #350

Now this is it for today. I will be back prob. this weekend! Tata –x-


bentonflocke said...

poor you - hope you are now feeling a little bit better and soon well again.

your pictures are so fantastic especially the ones from your christmas tree - thanks for sharing your settings and informations

Scrappy Smile said...

I was so amazed by the treephotos at After Five Designs and told my mom all about them, and they are so gorgeous - just looove them!!! Well done!!!