Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day # 359 – 362: Christmas & new stuff!

So did you all have a wonderful Christmas?? I know we did..it was so fun and great to spend such precious time with our family!

On Christmas day we went to my aunt & uncle for a big Christmas diner with my mom’s side of the family. Like I told you before it’s been 4 years since we last celebrated it together...so this was great! We have a 4 course diner, with lots of yummy things to choose from... I thought it would be fun, to take a photo of the family. So I brought my tripod and remote control and here’s our family pic. day #359

Although we’re  missing some people on this photo: my sweet aunt Joke, who was sick. My uncle Gert & his GF and his sons with their families, my mom’s two sisters from the states: Carla & Gerda and their families (uncles, kids & grandkids) We missed them all, but it was still a great night...

We also took lots more photos, but just a few I like... here are my aunt Wilma (left) and my aunt Thea, preparing the main course with salmon, veal & lots more goodies...kerst 2009 071-1

And one I really, really love... from top to bottom...it’s my brother’s GF Kiki , Me, my cousin Annika, my cousin Jody & our cousin Yvette... It was a long time ago, all of us together in a photo and I love it! :)kerst 2009 091-1

On the 2nd Christmas day... Let me explain this 2nd Christmas day first! LOL here in Holland we have Christmas eve en then 1st & 2nd Christmas day....which is pretty weird in my eyes. I always thought Christmas came from the states and well they only have Christmas eve & day. I really can’t figure out why we have two..but on one hand it’s great, cause we always have two days off! LOL...so to be honest, I can’t really explain why we have two!! :)

Anyways we spend this evening at my parents’ house with my aunt, uncle, cousin Robin, grandma, my parents and the two of us. We had a nice diner and the first course was salmon for the lovers...but my uncle & I don’t like it...so I made us something else. Smoked chicken with a Petra-made dressing..it was soo good!day #360

My aunt made these cute fishes out of pastry...so cute!! :)

On Sunday we had a relaxing, well cleaning day. My parents came over for a bit to check out it Christmas tree... finally! Hehe, just had to say it mom! :) it was fun... afterwards we cleaned the house. But I still haven’t took a photo of my new hair...so decided to dress-up a bit and out on make-up and here I am... my new haircut!day #361

It isn’t the best photo though! LOL. Anyways they’ve cut off 35 cm off of my hair and I love it. The front is a little longer then the back. The back is a bob-line. Like I said I love it, the only thing is that I have to style (blow-dry) it everyday for it to look a bit good! And well, to be honest... that isn’t my thing! LOL

Yesterday I had to get back to work... yeah after a full week of relaxing and enjoying our time of together, real live was back! I had some trouble getting up, but it was ok. After work I needed to drop of some books at the library, which were two weeks late... yikes! Then I decided to go to the little mall there and guess what??

I BOUGHT A NEW WINTER JACKET!!!!!! And I really, really love it! Last Thursday I went to the big mall in Utrecht and walked there for 4 hours. I tried on soo many jackets, which were not quite it. I was a little depressed when I got back home that day, cause I sooo needed a new winter-jacket. Well today I walked in to this store and there it was!! I tried it on and loved it right away... I didn’t thought about it and just bought it!!! I’m sooo happy with it, wanna see?day #362

I love the grey and the (fake) fur in the hood is so cute and warm. And well, it was on sale! :) I looooove it!!

So Today it’s Tuesday the 29th... Only 3 more days left to this project! I haven’t got a photo for today yet. I was thinking about my last photo for day # 365. I just want to go with a BANG, but haven’t got the slightest clue yet. But I’m sure it will pop in one of these days.. I hope!

Now people, all I can say is enjoy your day and the last couple of days of this project and will see you here on the 31st!!! –hugs- 


bentonflocke said...

wonderful new haircut - it fits you very much!

love to see your family celebration and the fun you all had together!!!

Flohbock said...

wonderful family shots!
Happy new Year!