Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day # 310-315: wedding & more…

So let’s start right away…

Friday I had my third wedding shoot for this lovely couple. She is a sister of one of the moms from daycare. The couple looked beautiful…she in her pretty brown wedding dress and he in a matching creme-isch suit. It wa a great day and luckily the weather was pretty ok. I mean the sun was hiding most of the day, but we didn’t had any rain! First we went to their house and the day-guests came over…after that we went to this castle for the wedding. We had a little shoot first and ruing the day we took some more pretty shots. Right now the newly weds are on a honeymoon to Marrakech and I’m kind of jealous! LOL. Anyways here I two photos I really love. They haven’t seen them yet, but I did send them a little previw, but not sure wether they seen them, since they are on honeymoon. But I want to show you these anyway…here we go:day #310

They had these cute pink heart shaped umbrella wich we took some photos with…and I adore this close-up..aren’t they a pretty, happy-in-love looking couple? :)day #310-2

On Saturday I didn’t do anything exciting… stayed home most of the day and had diner at my BIL and his family. While staring out the window I noticed this X on the tree right outside our window… X marks the spot, right?? Well it does. Since they’re renovating the appartment buildings here and the scenery around it. The city people decided to take down some trees. This tree makred with an X is going down one day too. On one hand I don’t really care, since we’re planning to move asap and well sometimes when it’s really windy it scares me… the branches sometimes hit the window and I’m kind of scared of this whole tree coming down and smashing into our appartment! On the other hand, when the tree is filled with leaves… it stops the sun from coming in in the morning, wich saves a lot of warmth…espceially during summer. There’s this one lady who lives around here who filed a complaint againts all these trees going to be cut down. But I’m sure the people from the city will listen. We’ll see!day #311

Oh yeah, sorry fot all these images : rounded corners, reflection…but after I updated the windows software, live writer has seen these fun new features for photos and just want to try them out! :)

Let’s continue…

On Sunyday my guy and I went to the movies. We saw Micheal Jackson’s ‘This is it’. It was great, but had a bit of different expectations from it. But I’m glad we went to see it. It’s only in the theatre form a couple of weeks… day #312

Monday while I work two of the kids from the after-school-daycare came over to drop of something I ordered. Every year kids from the two highest classes of primary school go door-to-door to ask if people want to buy ‘ kinderpostzegels’ (children postage stamps) . A part of the income of all the stamps sold goes to a different project every year. But mainly ‘for children by children. Mainly for education in third world country’s. It’s a great cause and my mom always used to buy some (she probably still does). I think this is the 4th year I bought them and today I got them. Every year the stamps are drawn by a different artist and thyey’re always different and unique. day #313

On Tuesday I work a few hours in the afternoon and when I got home…there was a package from Colinda… the lady who already made me this cute baby boy chrochet hat. This time the package included two hats… one for girls (same as the boy one) and one simple green one wich is supposed to go with this baby cocoon she also made. Haven’t received the cocoons yet, but I did saw them on photo. She wanted me to check if these were the right sizes again :) Aren’t they cute?day #314

Yesterday (wednesday) when I got at work I saw this…day #315

Two weeks ago we got these walking sticks… sadly all of the ones we had died. It was kind of sad and had no clue how this had happened. I went to this forum and asked what I did wrong… It probably had been the leaves I gave them…they were to hard for them to eat. So after I got some more info I went back to the pet shop and asked if they still had any left. Well they DID and I got the last bunch…8 of them. These looked a lot bigger & stronger then the ones we had before!   They started eating right away… except when I first got to work and looked at them I only found 6… seemed that 2 were hiding behind a leave… uhm making out!!! So that means tomorrow or on Monday I’m going to find tiny eggs at the bottom of their house :) Isn’t that fun? I know the kids are going to love it! :)

I haven’t took a photo for today yet, but will do later on. Haven’t got a whole lot planned this afternoon, but we’ll see! This weekend is going to busy though…

Tomorrow after work I’ve got a soccer game and after that we’re going over to one of the girls’ house and play some games. I decided to spend the night with my brother and his GF, since I need to get up prety early for the saturday. I’m going to this creative fair with my aunt and two of her friends. But since I don’t want to drive home at night and head back there early in the morning I’m going to spend the night there… Although I’ll miss my guy not laying next to me, but I’ll be fine! LOL Then after the fair I’m going home to put on my party clothes cause I got this diner with the girls from softball.

Sunday I think I’m going to deliver the wedding album I made for the wedding I had in June… but not sure since I haven’t talked to them yet. I had send the album back since it had a mistake and it took like two weeks to get it back. Last night it finally got here and want to wrap this up asap… although not sure if it will be sunday. cause in the afternoon I’ve got this day with the girls again (like a we had two months ago) and promissed to make tiny cupcakes for that too… so we’ll see! I’m outta here for now and with all these plans I have no clue when I’ll be back to post here.. so we’ll see!

Have a great thursday! –x-


Pam said...

Great job. I have done 2 in the past yr. but I have done 6 senior class photo shoots (outdoors) in the last 3 months. Loving it.

Sandra said...

Wow...wat een mooie trouwfotos!! en de rest ook..super zeg!

bentonflocke said...

fantastic wedding shots and I love also the other ones!